sjowgren – “Beginners” // Art: Crowns and Owls

Beginners is a beautiful new single by Sjowgren. The track has a very brooding low-key introduction, with pass-filtered percussion, noisy textures and sonic swells that cream a thick blanket of sounds around the vocals, buried within the mix. However, everything takes a really energetic turn, diving deeper into alternative rock territory with some infectious guitar riffs and edgy grooves.

This is a nice modern indie pop gem with a really interesting feel and a unique production, which blurs the lines between clarity and warmth.

Keep the Sjowgren train rolling with “Now & Then” from VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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Sjowgren – “Now & Then” // Allan Innman

I would complain about how long its been since the last Sjowgren jam (16 months!) but when you receive a modern anthem like “Now & Then” its best to shut up and play it so loud that your childhood can hear it and do a funny dance in a Bugle Boy jacket.

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Sjowgren – “Seventeen”

If you ever come across a girl as patient, understanding, and talented I suggest you don’t take more than the second she offers you to breathe because with songs this endlessly catchy under her belt she wont be waiting around for your indecisive ass very long. Blink to hard and she will be hanging out of a convertible ripping through corn fields on her way to a barbecue that will have the biggest bonfire ever. And you wont even have anything in the fridge to eat.  Read more