[PREMIERE] Slow Shiver – “Set In Stone” (Video)

"Set in Stone" – Slow Shiver from Slow Shiver on Vimeo.

Just a month after the track premiered on Soundcloud, Slow Shiver unveils the music video for “Set In Stone,” and it’s a gorgeous and introspective piece. Like the song, the video is equal parts dream-like, raw, and heartfelt. Contrasting the personal experience of receiving an unwanted letter with dramatic lighting, sharp accents (literally), and a no-holds-barred lip-synch performance, we see the conflicted emotions of trying to draw boundaries between someone who has hurt you – resilience and vulnerability, independence and desire, confidence and doubt. If you ever needed a backdrop to an inner struggle, this is it.

For more Slow Shiver, go back to “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” from VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves, or hear his guest feature on Anoraak’s track “We Lost” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.


Slow Shiver – “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” // Matthew Simmonds

Sometimes life’s most special moments happen in strange places. Locations you are just passing through become the home for a beautiful memory. If only you could take those places with you. Put them in your pocket and revisit them at will. In the meantime, the stunning “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” seems to be able to take me back to just about anywhere I want if I close my eyes hard enough.

This is the debut original track from Slow Shiver but you can get more your life via the beautiful track with Anoraak below as well as under his previous incarnation as Valente.

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