Remix Roundup Vol. 41 – 4.1.2011 [THE SOUNDS, PAROV STELAR, PHANTOGRAM, BODY LANGUAGE and more… ]

Party people of the world we have some serious fire for you this time round! What could be considered the best group’n of remixes we’ve put together in a long time awaits you below. We realize its April Fools Day but there is absolutely no fooling around going on up in here. This roundup is the opposite of April Fools Day. Let’s just say we wanted to make sure and counter all the dumb jokes that might be taking place (thats right, even our own). TBE has your back. Now grab that mouse and get-a-clicking!

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♫ The Sounds – Something To Die For (Kids At The Bar Remix) / Holy hell!  Two of our favorite musical entities together?  How delightful!  Kids At The Bar just doing what they do.  We wouldn’t expect anything less.

♫ Peter Bjorn & John – Second Chance (RAC Mix) /André Anjos of RAC tweeted that he has been wanting to remix Peter Bjorn & John since the beginning.  Well, we’re glad they waited, because it turned out swell.

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WIN! Signed Telecaster Guitar from TIRED PONY! What’s Your Dream SUPERGROUP?




If Tired Pony doesn’t ring a bell then perhaps Snow Patrol, REM, and Belle & Sebastian do? Yes? I thought so! Well, Tired Pony is the new supergroup from Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck, and Richard Coburn (respectively) as well as acclaimed producer Jacknife Lee. Their debut album The Place We Ran From is out now and features guest vocals from M. Ward as well as his cohort Zooey Deshcanel. See the video for that track here!

The real reason you are here is to win a guitar! Yes, Tired Pony and MOG Music Network have teamed up to offer 1 winner a signed Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Deluxe! How sweet is that axe? All you have to do is leave a comment (with valid email!) with your fantasy supergroup line-up! Is it Lars Ulrich on drums, Mark Hoppus on bass, Carlos Santana on guitar, and Katy Perry on xylaphone? Or maybe it’s a supergroup that wold actually make sense! Give us your line-up and tell us why your supergroup is the best! Be smart and be creative because I’ll be picking the best entry from The Burning Ear who will then go up against the best from 3 other sites. Tired Pony and MOG will then pick the winner from those 4 finalists. It’s not just about a guitar, it’s about TBE pride! Let’s represent team TBE and kick some ass here! Entries on TBE will be accepted until Tuesday 11/9 at midnight PST. The grand prize winner will be announced Friday 11/12!

Go forth and rock! I can’t wait to read the entries!

UPDATE: Maybe I wasn’t 100% clear but I will be picking the entry from TBE to go on to the finals. So I’ll tell you right now that just naming your supergroup’s lineup and saying one sentence of why is not going to cut it. THIS IS A BIG competition, act accordingly! As far as I’m concerned this is not just a test of musical nerdiness, but also of writing ability, creativity, humor, and overall like-ability. I wan’t one of you guys to win so I will be selecting our finalist based not only on my personal opinion of their entry, but on whether I think it has a shot at the title! Just so you know, our competition is here and here.

Anyone who has already entered should feel free to add to their entry by just replying to it below. Let’s do this, people!


You all are a stubborn bunch (or you just don’t read)! After reading through the entries that bothered to include the ‘WHY’ with their ‘who’ I have chosen 3 finalists to move on and be judged by MOG and Tired Pony. These are people who put together interesting and thoughtful combinations of people as well as explaining their choices convincingly. Congratulations and good luck to SROPER, Michael, and  Flego_420! I hope one of you win and brings the glory home to The Burning Ear! The winner will be announced on Friday!


The winner has been announced. Congratulations to Spencer who submitted his excellent entry over at Live4Ever. Check it out here. We gotta step up our game next time, TBE!

TBE Digest 12 – 8.25.10 [Civil Civic, The Knocks, Wale, Pete Yorn, Weezer, Passion Pit, …]

A month away from high speed internet will do a lot to a man so while I readjust myself to city living let me drop this round of Digest jams on you. Some of them aren’t the most timely but thankfully you understand. Some great tracks in here! Nice to see new freshness from Civil Civic, Young Empires, and The Knocks. Plus Passion Pit cover Smashing Pumpkins? Hot dog! Rock on and drop a thought in the comments!

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♫ Civil Civic – Run Overdrive / One of the year’s best EPs gets followed up by this rollicking single which is B-sided by a track called “Fuck Youth.” Read more