Kan Wakan – “Phantasmagoria Pt. 1” // Soey Milk

Kan Wakan takes on a journey with “Phantasmagoria Pt.1” that I can only hope is followed by a Pt 2. This is just the kind of shuffling groove, gentle horns, breezy strings, and sweet vocals I need on a day like today.

The eclectic Kan Wakan has released a handful of tracks leading up to his debut 3xLP and I’m excited to see where he takes us next.

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The Outer Vibe – “Fionna” // Soey Milk

“Fionna” jumps from surf rock to disco grooves to sexy French jazz in less than four minutes, and I’m not bummed about it. Let The Outer Vibe’s newest track seduce you – that tasty horn solo is worth the indiscretion alone.

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Memoryy – “I Thought You Needed My Love (feat Odd Year)” // Soey Milk

For when love turns into a devil-eyed cat with an appetite for your soul and the only way to defeat the thing is with strobe lights and hair flips. And possibly a very stiff drink or two. Per usual, Memoryy has your heartbreak hangover soundtrack covered.

From the forthcoming “SKELETONS” LP, out in March.

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