SUMMER ROLLS ON /// A Summer Mix, Vol 2

The summer continues! This mix is a bit mellower while stil maintaining some upbeat summer vibes. Kinda the perfect soundtrack for a long summer bike ride in speedos and a pedo ‘stache with a bike basket full of brews and your tank top. Enjoy and don’t forget about Volume 1.

1. ♫ Javelin – Vibrationz

2. ♫ Sean Bones – Easy Street

3. ♫ Annuals – Eyes in the Darkness

4. ♫ Lee Fields – Ladies

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The Best Remixes / Mash-ups of 2010… So Far (Jan-June)


Best Remixes 2011 – PART 2 (July-Dec)

Joel & Scotts Top 50 Remixes 2010 

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Ok, so we’ve got some remixes here! I have to say, I haven’t been blown away by a lot of remixes this year. A handful have been on repeat but most others have just lasted a few listens. Anyway, RAC is back in full effect, basically dropping pure gold. Don Diablo is doing his thing, turning so-so tracks into epicness. The Soundmen are back with another super-infectious remix. The Hood Internet (and Jay-Z??) are dominating the little Mashup section at the bottom. Some familiar names, some fresh faces, all great jams. I’m going to leave these without comments for now because frankly, they don’t need them and I want to get this list out in time for Friday night! Rock on! Read more

Remix Roundup Vol. 20 – 4.16.10 [Bloc Party, Tegan & Sara, Neon Indian, Brahms…]

Some real gems up in here. A couple ass-shakers, mood setters, and a trifecta of hip-hop sampling mashups to round things out. Get in!

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♫ Marmaduke Duke – Kid Gloves (Electrically Charged Boy remix) / It’s this remix that inspired me to track down Marmaduke Duke’s jams and if you’re listening then you know why. I can’t stop grooving to Read more


in the end you’ll be fine

♫ Solid Gold – Matter Of Time

Minneapolis’ Solid Gold first graced the pages of TBE back in June with the fantastic “Bible Thumper” and now they are back with another jam through Green label Sound. “Matter Of Time” actually came out in October but recent gems from Green Label (Chromeo, Theo Ldn) inspired me to go digging through their archives and voila! If you thought you about to enter the weekend without a tight little jam to take with you then think again. And turn up those speakers while you are at it. “Matter Of Time” is more after-party than pre-party, with it’s medium tempo beat and breathy vocals leaning more towards post-party activities. Solid Gold recently released their Synchronize EP (which I have yet to hear) and are going to be all up in SXSW. I will not be surprised if we hear a lot more great things from these guys this year.

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Solid Gold has got a real (Bible) Thumper

Solid Gold

when will i ever learn? it aint my time, i gotta wait my turn

Solid Gold – Bible Thumper

As I have been driving up the Pacific Coast Highway I have been seeing a lot of beautiful sun-dappled water just as above and as I head into San Francisco it’s only appropriate that today’s band has “Gold” in their name. Oh, and I should mention that “Bible Thumper” is a awesomely propulsive jam perfect for driving. Although hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Solid Gold makes music that I can get down with anywhere. Their debut Bodies Of Water is out now.

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