Thalab – “Morning, Before My Plant Dies” // Mark Mawson

A sincere thanks to Thalab and their tender grooves for gently pulling pulling me out of a stress hole and into the warm embrace of “Morning, Before My Pant Dies”.

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Pional – “Casualty” // Kosuke Ajiro

On Casualty, Pional invite you to “come inside”… so just do it. Don’t let the song title scare you. Or a fear of shadows for that matter. It will be fun. Or it will be spiritual. Or at least there will be spirits…

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BEGUN has a track called NARI which is like an energy drink for daydreams

Keep your feet off the ground.

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Thalab – “Jule”

Thalab’s astounding “Jule” sounds like Miike Snow collaborated with Jamie XX at a steel drum festival in the Caribbean. Just the right swirling mix of digital glitch and analog clang.  Read more

Sofi de la Torre – “Colorblind Cruisin”

Sofi de la Torre doesn’t mind you knowing that she has kissed a few people clean. And had a few of them kiss her dirty. “Colorblind Cruisin” is a song so caught up in its own world of lust and love that it doesn’t give a shit what you think its doing or where its going or what damn time it will be home. Just get out of its way already.  Read more

Bearoid – “Bad Karma”

Bearoid’s “Bad Karma” is a song to sing to yourself as you slink through back alleys and shadowy nightclubs. A personal anthem to keep you feeling as funky as you need to be on a night out. That pep stays in your step with this rhythm section at the helm. Finger-snapping, however, is totally up to you. I’m not the swagger police.  Read more

Georgeous feat. John Gray – “Trapped”

[soundcloud id=’124139526′]

Usually when I find a song like this on Soundcloud its been out for 6 months and has 200, 000 plays already. Somehow this amazing jam has barely 1000 plays… The Internet is so weird. So Gorgeous is from Spain and part of some collective called Depaart but none of that really matter once the funk of “Trapped” hits your ears. John Gray’s vocals cut a beautiful path through the oversized beats and smooth grooves. Listen to this one in the car. Loud. It gets better every time.

Buffetlibre – “Royals Ft. Emanuel (I’m From Barcelona)”

Spaniards and longtime TBE faves Buffetlibre just released a new covers EP with something for everyone in the indie family! First off, all sale proceeds go to the awesome relief organization Oxfam International, so you know its a legit project. Secondly, they cover 2013 favorites like CHVRCHES and Lorde, as well as older classics like Neutral Milk Hotel and Jesus & Mary Chain. Even Dragonette lends some help on a track! It’s a beautiful celebration of song with some amazing talents at work. Dive in and enjoy! And don’t forget to check out Buffetlibre’s other work. Like this killer “Blurred Lines” remix. Hot damn.  They slay like few others.

Buy the Elaine’s Ghost EP here. Seriously.