Remix Roundup Vol. 58 – 12.21.2011 [Dada Life, Fleetwood Mac, Yelle, Dada LIfe, and more…]

Holy hickory haystacks!  Major problems on the internet connection frontier today.  If you follow me on the twitter, you know that I was trying to have this up in the AM.  Where is M.I.A. and Flux Pavilion when you need them?

Anyway, we’ve got the holidays smacking us in our faces right now, which means the year is pretty much over,… Soo I just put together a steaming pile of bangers for your end of the year listening pleasure.  Open your ears and take these glorious gems to bed with you.

Attention: For those in the Seattle area- I’m throwing a huge party at The Tacoma Art Museum on New Years Eve.  You can find all the info you need HERE.  Warning:  Bass slaps in that face of yours will be frequent.  WORLD!!

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♫ Sparkadia – Mary (Aeons Remix) Mix For Mastering

♫ Gym Class Heroes (featuring Neon Hitch) – Ass Back Home (SmarterChild & Oxymorrons Remix) / Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that this tune is a collaberatoin of all pilot artists.  Don’t blink, SmarterChild is starting to look like a heavyweight.

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Brandon’s TBE Digest 20 [2.24.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers

Got a lot of goodies here and as usual lately my super-favorites are in bold! Dig in, rock out, and see if you can spot my Web Sheriff baiting. It’s been a while since that guy came around! What gives?

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ The Kills – Satellite / Mosshart finally gets back to The Kills and we’ve got a new album on the horizon! Although, I was hoping for a bit more punch.

♫ Say Hi – Devils / Long time TBE faves return with a bit more of a folksy vibe but the same signature vocals and shuffling Read more

[MP3] SPARKADIA has a few words to say to MARY

so sacred it seems, i’m so scared of these dreams that keep circling around in my head

♫ Sparkadia – Mary

Do you ever feel like there is some secret society that is hiding great bands from the masses? I know I do! How has a band as talented as Sparkadia (now just Alex Burnett. Sorry, dudes who blew it.) gone basically unnoticed through a handful of singles and a whole LP! I won’t stand for it any longer. “Mary” is his new single and it’s about 12 pounds of piano-pulsing, drum-thumping, gut-spilling goodness. Burnett may be clutching his heart with hand but his other is firmly placed on the edge of my speakers as he pulls himself right into my room, bringing with him all the emotion and grandiose of this epic pop freight train. And are you hearing that guitar breakdown at 1:58. Oh hell yeah. Rip it, Alex, rip it! You tell that Mary chick what’s up!

So Alex is from Australia but cruised through Berlin, Stockholm, New York, and L.A. before settling in London. No surprise this guy is on his shit. His last offering was the subtler-in-sound-but-not-title “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs” which sounds like Two Door Cinema Club in about 2 or 3 albums. That’s definitely a good thing. Can I get someone to weigh in on the first album? Don’t tell me the secret society kept it from everyone!!

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