Sphynx – “Hunger” & “What Is Love” (Haddaway Cover)

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It’s been a while since I’ve covered Austin’s awesome dance party instigators Sphynx. The guys are back with “Hunger”, a soulful groover for dance floor lovemaking. Couple it with their recent cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love?” and things are going to heat up! Get into that talk box!

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In other hilarious news, Feb 13 is being proclaimed ‘Sphynx Day’ in Austin by Mayor Lee Leffingwell and the band be celebrating the day with a televised performance at City Hall. Yes! Then after that their new album Golden Garden will be coming out. Better make it a whole Sphynx month!

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[MP3] Sphynx – “Orbs”

could we stay this way forever, for eternity

♫ Sphynx – Orbs

  • Who: Cory, Aaron & Todd
  • What: Genre, like early Passion Pit (ha), Miami Horror, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Austin, TX + Facebook
  • When: Their 2011 EP Human Beast is out now at name-your-price.
  • Why: I don’t know why but Cory, Aaron, & Todd just seem like the names of 3 dudes who would get into the funked out party vibes. It’s only appropriate that they do that on the regular as Sphynx. It’s throwback. It’s futuristic. It’s happening right now and you should be dancing. You should also be doubling your pleasure with their other equally sexy and free new single “Sha Dynasty.”