Spirit Animal – “True Believer”

Time to lace up the walking shoes and get out there in the fall air with some headphones and no particular destination. Let the music buoy your spirits and guide your steps as you wander in thought, observing the wild and weird world around you.  Read more

Spirit Animal – “BST FRNDS”

Sounds Like… a Saturday well spent! Drinking, fighting, and rocking the fuck out on the best day of the week! In their words? “Part punk. Part funk. Slam dunk.” Amen.

Location: New York, NY

Future: On tour now. rowdiness to follow, I hope.

[MP3] Spirit Animal – “Makin It Work”

and today i was a hothead when i wrote you and i told you i could not be friends with someone who swam in the deep end with me 

♫ Spirit Animal – Makin’ It Work

Fun song. Funner video (below). I think we can all appreciate the upbeat take on the always painful process of recognizing that a relationship is not actually working. Do the fun thing and dive in.

“Makin’ It Work” comes from Spirit Animal’s debut 2010 album The Cost of Living and once again they have new material as well. Watch the video for “I’m Around” and you will see that Spirit Animal can handle the tender stuff too. Read more