Slow Dancing Society – “Lilacs” // Stefan Bladh

“Lilacs” must have been locked in a time capsule for a while, because it’s straight out of a 90’s high school prom – in the best possible way. We suggest pulling someone special close to you and reminiscing on your favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes. Or which Soundgarden album is the most underrated. Or pro tips on keeping your Tamagotchi alive. Just try not to step on each other’s Doc Martens.

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Lavoy – “Learn Who You Are”


After a few years of touring their home state of Alaska, Lavoy packed their bags (and houses and families) and moved down south to Washington State. A story like that is only as good as the music it supports and damn its all so good. Tight guitar driven indie pop that makes me want to jump in the pit of the Knitting Factory circa 2003! Their self-titled EP is out now and think “Learn Who You Are” is my favorite. But thats no easy choice…