STAL – “The Crime (Shuhandz Remix)”

Yes please. A Vinyl Moon alumni gets remixed by a Vinyl Moon alumni? And the results sounds like something off a twisted Drive sequel. More please!

STAL – “Magic” // Lotte Van Raalte

STAL continue to get bigger and brighter with another arena-sized jam for cranking this weekend. Might be time to upgrade the sound system in the car so you can really feel it.

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STAL – “The Crime” // Jack Pearce

The crew is ready to make theoretical mischief a reality. Time has no bearing on the events that are about to transpire. The plan is perfect, the booze is gone, and it’s time to become the night. Your homie hands you your skateboard, are you ready to ride?

So good having new music from TBE faves STAL. We’ve heard some big things in the works too…

[LIVE] TBE Presents Freedom Fry at The Peppermint Club on 12/6

Vinyl Moon alumni Freedom Fry is playing a show! They were featured on Volume 15: Taking Shapes with their terrific cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

TBE fave (& Vinyl Moon artist), STAL, are also playing!

It’s going to be an excellent time, so hopefully we’ll see you there. Link to get tickets HERE!

STAL – “Fresh Blood” // Victoria Villasana

Littered with musical and cultural references of many of their idols, STAL’s “Fresh Blood” is an energetic anthem likening their sexual energy to their lust for art.  “Fresh Blood” certainly shows that with its dense layers of electronic instrumentation and production.  Perfect music for a cultural-art-potluck-carnival-extravaganza.

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STAL – “Get Out” // Joel Rea

If you were vibing hard to STAL’s instrumental cinematic jams a few weeks back then brace yourself for the wave of riffage that is their full band sound. “Get Out” crunches hard right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you are moshing into your couch cushions. So nice to see such range from these guys!

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STAL – “Tricky Game” // Julie Heffernan

Waking up in a dystopian future where you live in trees and have to save civilization one hand-made birdhouse at a time is going to feel weird no matter what… so best to have the right soundtrack to keep you sane (and battle ready!)

STAL just celebrated their migration from Paris to Los Angeles with the release of a whole EP of instrumental cinematic gems called Cinephilia. Get into it. Then dive into their back catalog.

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[REMIX] Stal – We Are Two (Alcala Remix) + College & Electric Youth vs Phoenix – A Real Hero vs Fences (Alcala Mash-Up)

too different to converge, too young to fix this unreal mess

♫ Stal – We Are Two (Alcala Remix)

Dan Alcala was responsible for one of last year’s best remixes and luckily he is still at it. His mix of “We Are Two” is a slow build body mover with heart. The mashup below gets even more chill, riding the groove of everyone’s favorite Drive soundtrack jam and laying on a bit of the unfortunately M.I.A. Frenchmen. Get on his latest hour+ mix of jams inspired by the Drive soundtrack.

♫ College & Electric Youth vs Phoenix – A Real Hero vs Fences (Alcala Mash-Up)