[LIVE] Broods & Strange Talk @ The Echo 5.14.14

Last night was an awesome one-two punch of down-under goodness with New Zealand’s Broods and Australia’s Strange Talk. The room was packed for Broods’ first proper LA show and they fed off the crowd, pumping tons of energy into their jams. There was even a new song or two that sound great.

Then Strange Talk came on and celebrated the long awaited US release of Cast Away by absolutely slaying their set. Great times all around! I have some video of some killer guitar solos but they seem to have blown out the mic on my camera. Too hot!

As usual, dive into the show through the eyes and ears of the sexy people that were there! Then catch all my photos here, you stalker.

[SXSW INTERVIEW] Strange Talk & The Griswolds tried to annex my RV for Australia

Please forgive the guys in Strange Talk and The Griswolds for being awesome. Its probably not their fault. Gotta be something to with the ozone or something down under. Luckily for us I got to cram all 9 members of both bands into the RV at SXSW for a bit of political debate and a few gardening tips.

Strange Talk’s awesome album Cast Away is out on April 29th.

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SXSW Recap – March 11 & 12

[tps_header] SXSW has been too crazy to give you guys a proper recap but here are the highlights from The Burning Ear Instagram from the first 2 days. I’ve partnered with the awesome guys at California Limited and been down here cooking up some really cool stuff for you guys. I caught some great shows and had some awesome breakfasts. Stay tuned for the full interviews coming soon and make sure you are following The Burning Ear on Instagram for all the action!


Tuesday – 3/11

Hunter Hunted

[MP3] Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls” (Viceroy Remix)

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls (Viceroy Remix)

This Strange Talk jam has been my jam for a while now and it finally gets a proper badass remix from Viceroy. Its a match made in dance party heaven! And hopefully will give some more attention to the strangely underrated Strange Talk.

[MP3] Strange Talk – “Cast Away”

set fire to the night, see the ashes fall

♫ Strange Talk – Cast Away

  • Who: Stephen, Girard, Travis, Gillan
  • What: Electro dance rock, like Passion Pit, Capital Cities, Penguin Prison
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia + Facebook
  • When: Buy “Cast Away” now and keep an eye out for their debut LP.
  • Why: We’ve been following Strange Talk since their fist single “Climbing Walls” almost 2 years ago so I’m more than excited that they have a full album coming out soon. PLUS, they are playing LA this Friday with Wildcat! Wildcat! and The Burning Ear gets the honor of presenting the show. Their new single “Cast Away” is a grand and sweeping synth jam that demands movement on the dance floor, in a car, or in my chair right here. If you are within jet-pack distance of Los Angeles then enter to win tickets to come rock out with me. And then hold tight for the full album. I can’t say much but I can say that Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

So far, this year has been one of the best for remixes, making this list no easy feat. Speaking of feet, you should warm them up because they will moving in a second…

(Artwork pattern drawn by a Lego Turntable robot)

25. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) / And suddenly Toby Keith is not only palatable but highly listenable.

24. Y Luv – Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix) / It’s pretty impossible to improve on the original so taking it in a different direction was a wise move. Get pumped!

23. St Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) / How do you make tropical more tropical? Give Read more

Remix Party Playlist Vol. 64 – 5.4.2012 [Dragonette, Capital Cities, Penguin Prison, KO KO, and more…]

I’ll be super quick with this one and just let you enjoy the tunes.

Happy Friday people.

P.S. – If you happen to be in Austin for Memorial Day weekend, make sure to check out my Lights & Music Event.

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♫ KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) / When I first listened to this gem of a tune, I new I found my weekend remedy.  Cheers to Sound Remedy.

♫ Dragonette – Let It Go (Faustix & Imanos Remix) / It blows my mind that Dragonette isn’t one of Canada’s most popular bands.  I really think that this original song plus the remixes will move them firmly into that bracket.  This particular remix is a 4-on-the-floor dance floor thumper.  I like.

Read more

[REMIX] Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Draper Remix)

i know where i stand, they know where i stand, i am a man amongst the people

♫ Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Draper Remix)

We all know Strange Talk lay it down and listening to “Eskimo Boy” you can hear some big things. Apparently Draper could hear even bigger things and laid them down in his banging remix that injects heavy adrenaline into the original. Joel already posted this jam but I think it deserves another spin because thats about all I’ve been giving it lately. Get on those drops!