Strangeheart – “Doghouse”

If the Strokes are going to let being crybabies get in the way of rocking our damn socks then thank goodness Strangeheart is stepping up and making hangover inducing-guitar rippage to soundtrack nights of bad decisions and even worse booze quality.  Read more

Strangeheart – “Strangeheart”

Los Angeles’ Strangheart have finally followed up last years jam “How To Feel Right” with a self-titled track that sets the bar for their May 6th debut album even higher. “Strangeheart” is a big fun singalong with highly danceable grooves and some damn awesome horns. I predict very good things ahead for these guys.

Strangeheart – “How to Feel Right” + Video

Jeff Thompson and Brandon Queen formed Strangeheart less than a year ago but wasted no time in crafting some sweet grooves. Their sonic evolution lives on their Soundcloud but it’s the latest jam “How To Feel Right” that is the icing on the cake. A sweet infectious disco pop track that is the perfect party warm up music. Put the video on as well for some comedic contrast to the song’s lyrical heartbreak. And then come see the band play at the next Blind Date, on Nov 21, presented by The Burning Ear and friends!