Stray Echo – “Pavement” + “Mad Day Out” // Jacopo Degl’innocenti

Treat the weekend right and start bumping these two new Stray Echo jams ASAP. You’ve earned it, just like you’ve earned those 4 cocktails and that 2am bowl of ramen.

Catch Stray Echo’s impeccable jam “Grime X Gold” on VINYL MOON Volume 017. Then check out this playlist Stray Echo made of songs that influenced “Pavement” - primarily African artists from the 1970’s.

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Stray Echo – “Pavement” (Sofi Tukker Remix) // Marilyn Minter

“I want your wheels on my pavement” is be the best metaphor I’ve heard all year. Yes, funny to say in January, but even better to say when we are toasting its lasting success as this song blasts next new years eve.

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Stray Echo – “Grime X Gold” // Caitlin Keogh

Fine, tie me up. just leave this Stray Echo jam on repeat in the meantime…

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