[MP3] STREETLAB & WE STOLE THE SHOW have a song I WANT YOU to jam to

it would take my mind some seasons to impress the feelings i designed, drawn blindly in excess

♫ Streetlab & We Stole The Show – I Want You

Brooklyn Production duo + upcoming hip-hop artists = steamy elastic thump fest. In case your mid-week math skills are failing you I’ll spare you the headache. Just crank this one up and get freaky. Besides being featured on Entourage and a best selling iPhone game, Streetlab have a couple albums worth of originals and remixes up on their Soundcloud so keep the party going!

Listen free @ MOG /// Soundcloud /// Amazon

[JustBurnIt!] TBE Presents: I’m A Bulldog – A mix for NYC

60 Seconds in Times Square - 8/21/2006

A native New Yorker said to me yesterday, upon returning from a long absence from his city, “Damn, this city is unstoppable. It never dies.” True. True. While I did not grow up in NYC, I began spending chunks of time here at 3 and always had an affinity for this New York. Although I always said I could never live in such an intense place I ended up living here for two very formative post-college years. On the occasion of my visit to such a seminal city I don’t have pithy words, but I do have a mix tape. A mix tape for NYC. A love letter, a complaint letter, a letter from one man to his former home. Well ok, so maybe it’s not really a letter at all. It’s just a damn mix-tape, a collection of my favorite songs about NYC. Burn it for your subway commute or for your next visit to The Big Apple. Or just download it because you like good music. What are your favorite songs about NYC?

Download “I’m A Bulldog – A Mix For NYC”

The title is taken from Kyle Andrews’ “Naked In NYC” and reflects the quoted sentiments of the New Yorker above.

Tracklist after the jump…

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