Superheart – “Talk about It”

Superheart – “Satellite” // Art: Refik Anadol

Superheart is one of our recent favorites and they deliver again. Superheart describes themselves as “dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music”, and they check every one of those boxes on “Satellite”. The song doesn’t so much play as it floats, buoyed along by bottomless synths, airy guitar passages, and sighed vocals. If you weren’t daydreaming, you are now.

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Superheart – “After Midnight” // Brian Lotti

“After Midnight” feels like love. Seriously, they managed to capture the emotional sensation of loving someone, be it platonically or romantically, in a singular song. Well done Superheart. Soft vocals over vaguely tropical downtempo instrumentation takes your ears on vacation, flying first class, and you never want it to end.

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