[MIX] TBE Presents: The Tropical Assault Summer Mix

Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

If the TBE 2011 Summer Mega-Mix taught us anything its that summer isn’t over until we say it is! This Tropical Assault mix is our final battle against the forces of autumn, seemingly lurking at every turn these past months. We will not down with out a fight and thankfully there are 14 finely tuned weapons at our disposal, poised and ready to be unleashed on any ear feeling the slightest bit of frost. So throw back the curtains, turn up the speakers, bask in that fantastic artwork, and let’s take summer by it’s horns.

Whereas the Mega-Mix flowed through genres like a summer’s day’s variety of cocktails, this mix is a more hardened and focused thing, culling the collective forces of all things tropical. Whether it be steel drums, bongos, sunny synths, or just a splash of sea water, these songs share that certain tropical something that has been infecting my ears so much lately. Summer on! Read more


Yo, so we just made a cross country road trip back down here to the ATX.  Looks like we are going to be Austinites (?) for the foreseeable future…  SXSW, be funking ready.   On the way down, among other super awesome subjects covered and generally getting Nurdy as hell, we decided that due to a massive backlog of jamz we’re putting together a Remix Roundup of EPIC proportions (f*ck that was wordy).  Not just in numbers folks, we’re talking about game-changing, blasting in your ears drums music here.  Frankly, if you aren’t happy with this dazzling little fun-basket of tunes, then you might have to check your vitals…

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♫ Goose- Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) / More power from the Bloodies right here! This track is pure domination with some seriously big sound.

♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Our boys Vindata further prove they just might be here to stay.

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♫ Claude Debussey – Clair de Lune (RAC Analog Synthesizer Version)

RAC. Only three letters but undeniably powerful. Any long time readers of TBE will recognize those letters as clearly as FBI, CIA or perhaps more significantly, RMX, which is what they do best (and I do mean THE best). Flipping the script a a bit here, Andre decided to take a whack at a cover song on a recent Friday evening. Armed with a few analog synths and his delicate aural sensibilities he made this piece of reworked beauty. He even let us in on a bit of the process.

It’s featuring the Minimoog model D, which has some trouble staying in tune, especially on the high notes. The Juno-60 on the chords. I ran the last half of it through this old tape deck, so you kinda get this rough tape hiss and distortion.

If somehow you aren’t familiar with the original you can get even more melancholy here.

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (RAC Maury Mix)

In more excellent RAC news, they are days away from releasing Volume 2 of their remix collection series. They are dropping a remix a day leading up to the March 4th release and day 1 was this bassed out “Surfer Blood” remix. Days 2 and 3 saw Washed Out and Suckers get the royal RAC treatment as anticipation builds for what the full 9 song mix will hold! Stay on top of this one here!

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TBE’s Summer In Hi-Fi /// A Summer Mix, Vol 1

Ahhh, summer… If mine wasn’t currently operating as the antithesis of all this relaxing and peaceful I would definitely have had this mix up sooner, but alas, it wasn’t to be. However, seeing as tomorrow I head out on an 18 day family vacation (never too old!) it’s time to get these summer jams pumping! Today is Volume 1 and the next two Fridays will bring Volumes 2 & 3 respectively. I’ve never understood the concept of an all-encompassing summer mix because like all things amazing, summer has many facets and is home to many moods. So I’ve gone and put together 3 full mixes of summer-themed goodness, each with it’s own sun-soaked vibe. Seeing as how this year’s summer was perhaps the most highly anticipated (and deserved) clump of warm days in Polish history I decided to kick off this summer mix series with a big rousing 54-minute high-five to the summer sun. Summer In Hi-Fi is a mix that celebrates summer with all the energy and eagerness of that first day at the beach or pool. Take a gander at the track list after the jump and download the whole mix right below!

zip file —> TBE’s Summer In Hi-Fi (Tracks 9 & 15 are switched in the filenames. Wont be able to fix that for a while. They are correct in the post, though!)

Most of these songs have Read more

SURFER BLOOD had me reaching FAST for a dictionary to lookup JABRONI

my arms and legs they will grow soft with you

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy

I had a tough time figuring out my feelings for Surfer Blood’s lead single “Swim” and I having an equally tough time figuring out what I think of their debut album, Astrocoast. After finally being sold on “Swim,” and then falling in love with “Take It Easy,” I was initially disappointed to hear Astrocoast and find it mostly lacking their energy or power. The album starts off with the fantastic mood-setter “Floating Vibes” before baring it’s teeth with “Swim” and then swaggering through “Take It Easy.” After that, however, things fall of the rock-wagon a bit. Sure, the raw guitars and beachfront-garage sound is still there but this is not the same stadium worthy sound that won the blogosphere’s heart with “Swim.” However, after repeated listens over the past two weeks the album has grown on me a bit and I’m beginning to appreciate the other Surfer Blood, the one I hear on the latter two-thirds of the album. “Fast Jabroni” is my favorite jam out of those tracks, it’s churning guitars taking me on a sonic adventure that distracts me from my previous disappointment. Unfortunately, it is followed by it’s mellowed-out counterpart, “Slow Jabroni,” a firm reminder that these guys are not making anything else as epic as “Swim” or as catchy as “Take It Easy.”

♫ Surfer Blood – Fast Jabroni

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SURFER BLOOD is a sight to make you SWIM like hell but at that point you might as well TAKE IT EASY

Surfer Blood

i wish i could do whatever it takes to get along

♫ Surfer Blood – Swim (To Reach The End)

Does your upcoming film about struggling suburban surf rockers with a penchant for big guitar and minimal fidelity need a song for the montage of them coming up in their local scene as they high-five each other after sweat soaked sets? Well then look no further. Surfer Blood have gone beyond creating a kick ass piece of album art, and a made a kick ass song to go with it. Funny how that works. Like me, you might not be sold on this jam right away but let it it marinate with some headphones and a sprint to the bus and it will click. Or just ride that guitar solo at the one minute mark. Oooh yeah. Their debut, Astro Coast, drops next month but is available for pre-order now and it’s not a bad idea. “Floating Vibes” is my other jam of theirs and sounds just like you think it would, only with more awesome guitars. And then there is “Take It Easy,” (below) a fantastic track that has just tripled my excitement for this album. No surprise that these guys are on tour with Florida neighbors The Drums. I guar-an-tee that will be an epic show. Get on it.

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy

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