NONONO – “Lost Song” // Amy Sherald

“Lost Song” is a vast and epic production filled with diverse instrumentation and iconic hooks to reel NONONO’s audience in.  With an inspiring soundscape layered with striking piano chords and an upbeat electronic percussion background, “Lost Song” is the perfect soundtrack for that morning run through the mountains as you embrace the orange-gold rising sun.

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Vilde – “Stimuli” // Liu Yen Chen, Zozo Jhen, Fabien Corre

Dense, tense, and driving, the newest from Vilde features pulsing drums and a wall of sound interrupted only by a glitchy breakdown. It’s another showcase of the singer-songwriter-producer’s vast range of skills, and, as always, we’re big fans.

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BF/C – “Gold” // Greg Barth

Moody, spacey, and pulsing, the latest from the electronic duo BF/C sounds like the opening credits soundtrack to a futuristic 80’s action film that never was, urging the protagonist onwards as he or she zooms through the foggy, neon-lit metropolis in their airborne motorcycle. Roll up your sports jacket sleeves, don the RayBans, and turn up “Gold”.

Keep living that 80’s fever-dream with BF/C’s “Temple” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Vilde – “Fully Fledged” // Prudence Flint

Vilde is back with another great song whose silky synths belie anxious, nihilist lyrics. As always, his masterful, small details give an otherwise straightforward track more than enough dimension to delve into. Vilde gets better with each listen. How about an album already, hmm?

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Vilde – “Tecopa Pupfish” // Adriano Rachele

This song is named after a now-extinct species of fish that lived in only two hot springs in the Mojave desert. I haven’t figured out the connection quite yet, but this song certainly makes me want to float along in a warm pool of water. Here’s hoping Vilde’s tender music doesn’t go extinct anytime soon.

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Alessandra – “Your River” // David De La Mano

Alessandra’s voice is one of those that makes you stop and pay attention immediately. The production is clean and tight, but it’s all in service of those pipes – trust me, you’re gonna want to buckle up for that 3:00 mark.

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VILDE – “Maintain” // Vaka Valo

VILDE has the genre tag ‘#study dance’ on all of his recent songs, so I’m just wondering – does he intend his music to be used only when people are studying? Or is he demanding that we all seek out a dance education? Perhaps there is a specific dance that one uses while studying to help retain information? You know, maybe I should just play the song again.

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Donnie Castle – “Oooh” // Narciso Espiritu

I can totally imagine driving fast through the countryside with Donnie Castle on blast through the windows! Well… until the car breaks down on the side of a dark back woods road… and then the sky starts doing things it isn’t supposed to.

Listen to the track on Spotify. Just don’t rely on cell reception to stream it…

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