Swimm – “Windows Up”

Swimm – “First Time” // Jeremy Sorese

“First Time” is sweet, tender, and gives me some serious Prince vibes. If there’s more to look for in a pop song, I’m not sure what it is. Cuddle up with Swimm.

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Swimm – “Belly” (FAKE GUNS Remix)

Because sometimes your head does all the moving and your feet don’t budge. And sometimes your feet do all the moving and your head is fudge. And sometimes your belly is the epicenter of all the movement. And you rethink some things. Slowly, and diagonally. But you rethink them.  Read more

Swimm – “Belly”

If you spent the better part of your Sunday nursing 2 sore feet and 1 head then you might relate to Swimm’s “Belly” and it’s near universal talk of late night stumbling through cities and minds that should be a lot more familiar than they seemed. Let a couple spins of “Belly” cure what ails ya.

“Belly” is from the Beverly Hells EP out 8.28.15  Read more