[MP3] Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Please and Thank You”

Wildcat! Wildcat! - Please and Thank You

it’s only in your mind

♫ Wildcat! Wildcat! – Please and Thank You

Speaking of “wild“,  the world finally has a recorded version of the TBE hometown faves Wildcat! Wildcat! track I’ve loved live at least 4 times now. In this age of gimmie-now internet life its crazy to ever not be able to have my hands on a song I love. Well, the whiny 6 year old in me is finally satisfied. I sit in the corner, gummi bears in hand, loudly “oooh oooh”ing along and looking forward to seeing it again tonight with Passion Pit.

[MP3] Wildlife Control – “Ages Places”

Wildlife Control - Ages Placesnot so much older but the weight on my shoulders, i feel like a vampire who’s been through the ages

If you know Brooklyn’s Wildlife Control for their TBE fave jam “Analog or Digital” then you’ll need to shift down a few gears for this smoldering slow(er) track. Like an ember in the Austin wind this one starts with a flicker before catching some air and igniting into full flame. Catch the firestorm live this Friday at midnight at SXSW for the CD Baby showcase. TBE faves Letting Up Despite Great Faults are also playing plus I’ll be DJing between sets so expect back-2back good times!