Panama – “I Watched You Slip (Wild & Free Remix)” // Lizzie Lomax

Summer is over but Panama is still grooving with their sun-kissed tune. Wild & Free add their own touch to “Watch me Slip” with eclectic beats that will make you dance the night away.

For more Wild & Free dance party bliss, listen to “Low Pressure” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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Ninajirachi x YATES – “Same World” // Craig Burrows

Get your feel-good on with a collaboration from two of our favorites. Ninajirachi provides a layered, percussion-driven bed for YATES’ soulful voice. Together they take what could have been a trite kumbayah track and turn it into something fresh and new – and maybe a message that we all need reminding from time to time.

For more Ninajirachi, get into “Pure Luck (ft. Freya Staer)” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals.

You can get your YATES fix with “Virtue” off VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Failr – “Starving For You Ft. Swaré” // Jacob Read

Summertime is discotime, and we’re happy to support the season with Failr’s newest track. It plays like a checklist of disco-musts: sparkling guitar rhythms, insistent dance beats, velvety vocals, and tasty bass – but the chopped-and-triggered sample that introduces the piece gives “Starving For You” a distinctly modern touch.

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FISHING – “Yuwa” // Nicolo Bianchini

With a disco groove that Giorgio himself would approve of, FISHING dials in the bliss on the dancefloor-ready “Yuwa”. Little known fact: if you pay close attention while playing to this song, you will naturally be drawn to the nearest disco ball.

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Midnight Pool Party – “This Love” // Pablo Carlos Budassi

I think Midnight Pool Party might be a misnomer, since it’s pretty difficult to dance in a pool, and that’s all you’ll want to do after hearing “This Love”. That being said, if someone wants to prove me wrong with some video choreography, I’m open to being corrected.

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Phantastic Ferniture – “Gap Year” // John Deardourff

Phantastic Fertinure coming at you with the volatile, raw, and incredible catchy jam “Gap Year”. Turn it up, crack the windows, and take a step back

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Polish Club – “Beeping” // Ben Venom

Grab this train quick and tight because it’s barely grabbing the rails as it takes this corner on the express track to downtown party town. Sweating much? Here use my sleeve.

I can’t wait or more from Polish Club, the self-proclaimed “loudest goddamn soul outfit you’ve ever heard”. Yes.

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Jenny Broke The Window – “Skinny Dip” // Cody Berringer

Aaaand Friday begins…… NOW! Time to shake off the week with a couple spins of Jenny Broke The Window. Between the guitar solos and the title, “Skinny Dip” will get your head set for the days ahead and more importantly, the nights that follow.

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