WALLACE – “Raffled Roses” // Andrea Ucini

A warm weather jam for getting your head over that guy who was never any good anyway. You are better off solo. And by solo I mean with WALLACE at your side.

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Failr – “Animal” feat. AVIVA // Molly Mendoza

Sometimes words can just wrap you in circles. Ditch the he-said/she-said shit and work it out the old fashioned way. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. Dance! ;)

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KLUE has me dancing SO hard i’ve definitely got a GOOD sweat going

You know I LOVE me some horns. So… I gotta get back to rocking out…

If you are done dancing before me then get on the full Daybreak EP.

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ATLAS BOUND are tryin’ to stop you cryin with a damn sweet LULLABY

A sweet song to sing to yourself as you hide from the world.  Read more

RÃœFÃœS DU SOL – “Say A Prayer For Me”

Say a prayer for me
Give me love and peace of mind

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Sampa The Great – “Blue Boss”

Like all great art there is a bit more going on under the surface. Sampa The Great rides a bouncing veneer of good vibes and rhythm but quickly dishes the real story in lines that get stuck in my head as I hit repeat over and over. Clocking in at less than 3 minutes there isn’t enough “Blue Boss” in one listen. Luckily there is a lot more Sampa where this came from.  Read more

[MP3] MK GRANDS – “Rxssia”

Put your feet up. No, take your shoes off first. Be comfortable. Relax. This is your castle and you’ve earned it. Let your worries fade as MK Grands here takes you on a journey…

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GLADES – “Her (Loving You)”

Glades never said loving was easy. Sometimes every square inch of you isn’t enough to change the immovable force of another’s momentum. Two planets with orbits in sync are suddenly jarred from their groove, slowly cycling on different wavelengths. And as the darkness of empty space envelops the your vision you are left holding nobody but yourself. And this new Glades song. This wonderful new Glades song. “Her (Loving You” makes everything better today.  Read more