Belwoorf – “Church Point”

After posting Belwoorf’s beautiful “Stoic” I expect that all of you immediately listened to everything else on his Soundcloud but in case you didn’t, here is “Church Point”. This haunting and melancholy dreamscape has been floating through my mind for months. Make sure you take a spin or two.  Read more

Bad Pony – “Down To You”

Try not to get lost in a spiral of hand wringing and regret. It happened. Its over. Now feel the pure catharsis of a good guitar solo and let it out. Still feeling heavy? There is a drum bit in “Down To You” that will pound that right out. Still whining? A fiesty round of “ooh ooh oohs” will definitely clear that up. Definitely.  Read more

Nova and the Experience – “Whole Body”

Hold on here because we’ve got superhero level vocals coming at you hard and fast from sibling (or couple) vocalists Anna and James Buckingham. Its a whirlwind tale of love, lust, passion, and the driving force in anyone’s life, no matter how mortal. Nova and The Experience lay it all on the table. All they ask for is our whole body. I gave it to them 4 repeats of the song ago.  Read more

Jinja Safari – “Find My Way”

Wrap your toes around the lip of the pool, close your eyes, and just dive. The movements are familiar but the refreshing splash that wraps you up feels like a burst of bright first times. Liquid color soothing your sun-burnt skin and work-burnt brain. Oh, if only… cheers to Jinja Safari for making a hot Tuesday feel like a perfect Saturday.  Read more

Atlas – “Spinning Back” ft. James Chatburn

If you are feeling remotely stressed then please let the wonderful bleeps and bloops of Atlas swirl with the soulful voice of James Chatburn to wash over you and take away whatever is boiling under the surface. Tomorrow is Friday so you should really get yourself smoothed out before the weekend.  Read more

[DEBUT JAM] Wolf Tide – “Spoke the Words”

Sure, we all have our own taste in music but “Spoke The Words” is the kind of song you can put on at the tail end of a party with people you have just met and let their late night brains try and cushion the heavy soulful grooves of Wolf Tide. If their eyes don’t shut in bliss and their minds don’t visibly wander from their bodies then you know you don’t ever have to see any of them again. Read more

Belwoorf – “Stoic”

Sometimes the stagnant and familiar pace of the workweek can feel abrupt after a particularly restorative/emotional/thrilling weekend and realigning yourself with the tasks at hand can be like pushing through a mix of tar and honey. With a song (and a name) like “Stoic” at your back, you can find the dark swirling core of focus needed to forge ahead. Your fragile mind is in desperate need of a forceful beat and groove but isn’t quite ready for lyrics yet. That will come. Lets just get through these few minutes…

Belwoorf - Stoic

Hermitude – “Through The Roof” feat. Young Tapz

Sometimes getting prepared for a road trip, camping adventure, or weekend music festival can feel like literally moving mountains. We love our friends for their sense of humor and ability to comfort us in crisis, not their ability to get their shit together in a timely manner so we can hit the road on damn time. But once the car is loaded and the road-snacks prepped you can crank “Through The Roof” on the interstate and all those worries will wash away like a smoke dancer on impact. Huh? Oh, watch the video.

Catch Hermitude LIVE!

  • 22-May-2015 Summercamp Music Festival Chillicothe, IL
  • 23-May-2015 Counterpoint Festival Atlanta, GA
  • 24-May-2015 Lightning In A Bottle Festival – Bradley CA
  • 6-Jun-2015 Wakarusa Music Festival Ozark, AR
  • 7-Jun-2015 Governor’s Ball Music Festival New York, NY

Through The Roof feat. Young Tapz