I Know Leopard – “Perfect Picture” + “Hold This Tight”

Australia is far away from me and I know that it has magical things that remain unfairly isolated because of the distance. A lot of things get their due love over here, but a lot don’t. If I had a magic boat I would sail there and collect its treasures to bring back and show people here in the States. The guys of I Know Leonard would definitely have a place on my boat and we would spend the time sailing back here singing songs and drinking beers and even if nobody else loved their jams once we got back it would have been well worth it for the adventure I got to have with them on that magic boat.

Perfect Picture

LimeCordiale – “Hanging Upside Down”

Music for… getting teary eyed at the optimistic thought of guitars returning to rock and doing so with a dirty yet lovable swagger. And some keys. Some heavy badass piano-pounding keys.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Future: There are a handful of older tracks to get into at their Soundcloud. Seems like they have some solid traction down under. We just gotta rally for some US and EU love!

Hayden James – “Something About You”

Music for… ringing in the new year with a fresh set of dance moves and bright perspective on the future. Cheers to one of our faves Hayden James for keeping things awesome.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Future: “Something About You”, by Hayden James, is the second track from the ‘Teen Idols’ compilation out 19th December on Future Classic. The compilation includes various tracks released on Future Classic throughout 2014 plus four exclusive tracks from Touch Sensitive (‘Teen Idols’), KOA (‘All Of My Love’), 123MRK (‘Gotta Choose’) and Hayden James. Order here.

[MP3] Basenji – “Heirloom”

Music for… celebrating the weekend with a symphony of weird noises! This is the sound of office supplies haveing their own rave once you leave for the night. Staplers, swivel chairs, and water coolers collaborating on some Cirque du Office Space shit.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Future: More music on Future Classic I damn hope.

Olympic Ayres – “Control”

Sounds Like… “a vision of greatness” as the man says. Or Foals and Classixx co-hosting a pool party.

Location: Sydney, Australia. No surprise here.

Future: More jams and gems I hope. Catch up on Soundcloud.

Flume & Chet Faker – “Drop The Game”

As if Flume hasn’t been prolific enough lately, he has now teamed up with fellow Aussie and TBE fave Chet Faker for a collaborative EP that kicks off with this sweet slow bump jam. “Drop The Game” would have been a perfect Holloween time track but we will take it for a general falling leaves soundtrack.

Tales In Space – “In A Million Places At Once”

Tales In Space

More from Sydney! But just when you think its all guitars and drums the weirdo laser solo comes in and it all gets even more awesome. Get electric!

The Khanz – “Roll Around”

The Khanz

The Khanz are a band from Sydney with not nearly enough listeners. This recent taste of their loose jangly indie rock is a welcome bit of guitar, bass, and drums in this era of electronics.