Erki Pärnoja – “Leva” // Art: Hedvig Jenning

With a beginning that could have been written by Sigur Rós, a middle that could be a Warpaint song, and a ripping finale that sounds indebted to Jack White, Erki Pärnoja covers a lot of ground in “Leva”. But despite these three very different musical touchpoints, the song is a cohesive journey guaranteed to have you stomping along. And while I won’t guarantee air guitar, I will caution that it’s a strong possibility, and you should prepare accordingly. Best move the people who you need to impress out of the room: there’s no holding back from the imaginary shredding you may feel compelled to perform.

To calm yourself down after “Leva”, try revisiting “EFTERGLOW” from VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose.

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Erki Parnoja – “Efterglow” // Henrik Uldalen

You may want to only peek into this track unless you are ready to head out on the full journey of Erki Pärnoja “Efterglow”. It’s an instrumental treat that is both soothing and adventurous. Even on the 5th straight listen…

Please make sure you watch the stunning short film/video for it as well. As if the song wasn’t good enough at conjuring beautiful images, now it has an official set. With a great story to boot.

Pre-order the album here.

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