TAMPA – “Hot Day” // Richard Keeling

Buttery guitar tone and subversive lyrics are the main players in “Hot Day”, an ode to something that keeps you awake (probably not coffee). No matter your feelings on the topic, a few spins of TAMPA are bound to bump up your evening.

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BRODERICK BATTS has mee feeling in the PINK with an evening of EMPTY bottles and loose PROMISES ahead

Not my usual vibe here but sometimes when Friday roll around you gotta wild out and get weird and sing lyrics you aren’t supposed to cause the song so damn catchy you can’t help it.

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Abe – “Poolside 1008”

My swagger is nothing like Abe’s but give me colored floaty and a margarita in a hollowed out pineapple and suddenly I’ve got a bit of dip in my hip. Let the beat wash over my like water lapping at the sides of the shallow end. Rhythmic, soothing, and a perfect pace for a sip and a dip.  Read more