tamper – “A New Fire” // Edouard Sepulchre

It’s a tense day so take some time to drift off with the wonderful tamper and their new EP which is out now. “A New Fire” is my killer calming jam at the moment. Get into other TBE fave “Bought and Sold” as well… and Vinyl Moon members should keep an eye on their mailbox this week…

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TAMPER creaft a kinda scary dreamstate in the sky like an AURORA borealis lit from A NEW FIRE

Tie yourself to something solid because this one comes in like a slow tide but takes you out at twice the speed.

Previously on TBE: tamper

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tamper – “Bought And Sold” + “Disparate Youth” (Santigold cover)

Tamper are here to haunt you like a ghost of heartbreak past. Take a walk through some harrowing memories with “Bought and Sold”. You’ll feel a little shaken at first but much better overall.

Then get into their Santigold cover. Yessss.

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