Zimmer-G – “Two Cachalots” // Tanawat Sakdawisarak

The backbone of this song is a lounge-y beat provides stability while the rest of the track does cartwheels and jumping jacks all over your face. This song doesn’t sound like anything else I know of, and I mean that in the best way possible. Really nice experimental downtempo electronic stuff, right here.

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First of all, I pity the fool that can’t whistle because you are going to bee feeling pretty left out of “Top” about 15 seconds in. This debut mega jam demands that you join along with all your whistling, dancing, and jumping around skills turned to 11. Find a sturdy table to jump on, an open window to pump your arm out of, an unwitting stranger to shake your hips at. Before you know it you’ll have your spirits lifted from the bottom to the top. I’ve been looping that ride at least 5 times in a row now.  Read more