Brandon’s TBE Digest 26 [8.10.2011] New Jams, Remixes, & Covers!

Brandon’s TBE Digest is a place where I gather up all the recent jams that are worth a listen (or 10) but don’t necessarily need their own post. Here you will find new tracks by known bands, remixes, covers, and even mashups if they are interesting. My favorites of the lot are in bold.

See that nifty little intro in italics up there? Yeah, it was brought to my attention that these Digests didn’t come with much in the way of explanation and even dedicated TBE readers may not really understand what the heck these are considering I haven’t explained them in about 22 volumes. Oops. Anyway, this Digest has some real jam-a-roonies so quit reading my baloney and get in there!

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♫ The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love / The Rapture return after waaaay too many years absent with a jam. It’s no “Whoo Alright” but it does bode well for more sweetness from these guys.

♫ Toro y Moi – Saturday Love / Toro y Moi gave us a Summer present! Thanks Chad!

♫ Teddybears – Weed In A Rizzla (feat. Trimbal) / I really don’t know what to Read more


Yo, so we just made a cross country road trip back down here to the ATX.  Looks like we are going to be Austinites (?) for the foreseeable future…  SXSW, be funking ready.   On the way down, among other super awesome subjects covered and generally getting Nurdy as hell, we decided that due to a massive backlog of jamz we’re putting together a Remix Roundup of EPIC proportions (f*ck that was wordy).  Not just in numbers folks, we’re talking about game-changing, blasting in your ears drums music here.  Frankly, if you aren’t happy with this dazzling little fun-basket of tunes, then you might have to check your vitals…

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♫ Goose- Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) / More power from the Bloodies right here! This track is pure domination with some seriously big sound.

♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Our boys Vindata further prove they just might be here to stay.

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TEDDYBEARS GET pretty angry when you say their MAMA is as fat as A HOUSE


mama haven’t you heard, we sold out all over the world

♫ Teddybears – Get Mama a House

After yesterday’s magic music from Sweden’s The Sweet Serenades, I figured I might as well made it a Swedish combo and check in with Teddybears. You know them from their ubiquitous “Cobrastyle,” if nothing else. Earlier this summer they dropped this new track to tie us over until a supposed fall release of their next LP, Devils Music. “Get Mama A House” is all kinds of goofiness, with tongue in cheek lyrics about organized crime cartels and selling-out. It’s definitely a fun listen, but doesn’t really touch “Cobrastyle” (especially not Robyn’s cover), or my Teddybears favorite, “Yours To Keep” with Neneh Cherry (brother of Eagle Eye!). Devils Music supposedly a party album and contains contributions from Slick Rick, Wayne Coyne, and Sting’s daughter Coco Summer. Sweeeeet.

♫ Teddybears – Yours To Keep (Feat. Neneh Cherry)

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