NEONNOAH – “Atlas” // Amber Kempthorn

Neonnoah remind me that it’s never too late to have an epic childhood! Bicycles are cheap and riding downhill with your feet off the pedals is free.

Plus, it;s never to late to watch Stranger Things. Get on that if you haven’t! #findbarb

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Sounds Like… someone finally got around to releasing an album. Neon Icon is out. Riff Raff’s sheer momentum of existence (see his: Instagram, spelling, merch) has always been more entertaining than his music but damn if this isn’t swaggeriffic hood shit.

Location: Houston, TX

Future: More of the Versace life! An eventual fade from glory…

Johnny Stimson – “So Good” (Fare Soldi Rmx)

[soundcloud id=’136847699′]

Italy’s Fare Soldi are the kings of sexy disco remixes and they have done it again with Textas’ Johnny Stimson’s latest slow burner “So Good”. This international team should just quit flirting and do a whole EP together!

[MP3] Mother Falcon – “Dirty Summer”


I saw a lot of amazing things at this year’s SXSW in Austin but perhaps the most memorable was watching a 16 piece orchestral indie band play under a bridge in the center of town. Mother Falcon was that band and as their name suggests, they are a force to be reckoned with. Catch the version from under that bridge here.

Johnny Stimson – “Human Man”

Johnny Stimson

we’ve got to stick together

I would not have guessed that “Human Man” is from Dallas, Texas, but coming from a guy with a name like a country star I guess it makes sense. Kinda. What does make sense is turning this indie dance jam up and kicking off Monday right! I’ve heard some more Stimson tracks and this guy is on point. Look out for more from him soon. And if you are near LA then catch him live on Thursday at the Blind Date event I co-present. Holler!