thanks. – “Busy”

thanks. – “H Y H U”

thanks. – “Annabelle” // Loewe & Steven Meisel

Transmitting from some retro-futuristic soda fountain, “Annabelle” addresses its titular character with feigned indifference before launching into an earnest chorus. The song purposefully blurs the line between sweet and schmaltzy, just as its production blends psychedlia and 1950s waltz-rock. Now’s a great time to dust off that baby blue tuxedo.

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thanks. – “Loose Gun” // Said Dokins

Whether you’re drawn in by the sing-along-ability or the Big-Moment halftime chorus stomp, thanks. gives you plenty to come back for in their latest single. A perfect piece of pop music cotton candy to perk you up during the summer.

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thanks. – “Your World” // Natalie Greenroyd

Take off that suit and tie
And find something else to wear

Grab your swimsuit (or don’t…) because the debut single from thanks. (period included) is an instant summertime party jam for soothing your hot-dog burnt tongue with a plunge in the pool. Diving board guitar solos and underwater sing-alongs highly encouraged.

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