Remix Roundup Vol. 19 / 4.2.10 / [RAC, Penguin Prison, Neon Trees, Hot Chip …]

You ask, you receive. Remixes are back with more reading for your pleasure! Crank that volume knob and dive in!

♫ Penguin Prison – Worse It Gets (RAC Mix) / Damn. Jams don’t get much fresher than this. I haven’t heard the original yet but I couldn’t wait another moment to share this slice of audio perfection. Penguin Prison and RAC are both firing on all cylinders on this buttery smooth funk fest. This jam could cure depression if administered in daily doses. For reals.

♫ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home (RAC Mix) / RAC doing his magic on this recent modern classic of a love song. This kind of remix is a perfect example of why I love RAC so much. the dude can pack on the beats and make Read more

THE BANG BANG CLUB are working with some pretty volatile CHEMISTRY here

we were fighting for the sake of it, i really think we might be killing it

♫ The Bang Bang Club – Chemistry

Leave your anti-goodtimes baggage at the door ’cause this party is strictly for those with an official “Sing Along And Dance Out Loud” pass. I can’t write too much about them ’cause I’m kinda busy pulling the sweetest dance moves you will never see so I’ll let their press release take over:

The Bang Bang Club are a male synth-pop due who genuinely don’t sound like any of their much-hyped contemporaries. John and David were in the now-defunct band Protocol, until a few years ago they finally resisted repeated attempts to be aligned with The Killers and started to write the pop music they’d always wanted to.

Information is for suckers! Who cares what two biblically named dudes used to do, I care that they are sending me into this Friday night on one of the most severe sugar-pop highs I have had in a while!

WTF!? They only have a website!!!