Freedom Fry – “Awake” + “Linger” (Cranberries cover) // Hueman

Freedom Fry have become one of the most sure fire ways to melt away your blues. Between the scrappy handclaps, bouncy grooves, string strumming, and perfect boy-girl vocals, these two have tapped into a musical joy that the world needs more of.

But just when you think it’s all fun and games with these two, they bust out the lighters and ignite some serious sing-along nostalgia with their cover of The Cranberries “Linger”. Beautiful.

Be sure to check out Freedom Fry’s killer (and off-kilter) cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit on Vinyl Moon Volume 015!

} TBE Digest 8 – 4.30.10 [Blur, Hole, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Nada Surf…]

How-dilly, ho-dilly, neighbors! I’m currently cooking up all kinds of excitement behind the scenes here at TBE so I’m not gonna stick around and chat. You know the deal, these are the jams that are more ‘newsworthy’ then ‘noteworthy’ so that you can stay up to speed on all the latest music hitting the web without reading as many damn blogs as I do. To cleanse the palette I’ve got a bundle of covers to close things out. Enjoy!

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♫ Blur – Fool’s Day / Record Store Day is an annual thing and it happened not too long ago. Blur released their first new track in forever and this is it. It’s a good little jam but I imagine that If I had ever loved Blur then I would be into this more. Read more