The Dig – “Million Dollar Man” // Art: Deih

“Million Dollar Man” is a driving steam-engine of a track, pushed forward by hypnotic drum grooves and chugging vocals. Sky-high synths soar above the musical landscape and razor-sharp snares. You can feel the horizon open up in front of you as the song pulses into its final minute. It’s all part of The Dig’s ambitious Year of Music project, where they release two EPs, one song at a time, over the course of the entire year.

Check out another excellent track by The Dig with “Let Your Lover Know” on VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves.

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The Dig – “Bleeding Heart (You Are the One)” + “Simple Love” // Lui Ferreyra

Press play. Feel electric. Repeat. 2017 is going to be a good year. We’ve got the music to prove it!

New LP from The Dig, Bloodshot Tokyo, is out Feb 3, 2017. Stream or Buy here.

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