[MIX] TBE Presents: The Tropical Assault Summer Mix

Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

If the TBE 2011 Summer Mega-Mix taught us anything its that summer isn’t over until we say it is! This Tropical Assault mix is our final battle against the forces of autumn, seemingly lurking at every turn these past months. We will not down with out a fight and thankfully there are 14 finely tuned weapons at our disposal, poised and ready to be unleashed on any ear feeling the slightest bit of frost. So throw back the curtains, turn up the speakers, bask in that fantastic artwork, and let’s take summer by it’s horns.

Whereas the Mega-Mix flowed through genres like a summer’s day’s variety of cocktails, this mix is a more hardened and focused thing, culling the collective forces of all things tropical. Whether it be steel drums, bongos, sunny synths, or just a splash of sea water, these songs share that certain tropical something that has been infecting my ears so much lately. Summer on! Read more

[EP] THE ECLECTIC MONIKER should soundtrack an EASTER party on an ISLAND

i’ll break the boat but i’ll keep floating, i’ll get another transport right away

♫ The Eclectic Moniker – Easter Island

The weather is getting warmer and the vibrations of the sun are slowly warming our spirits. Such a defrosting needs the appropriate soundtrack and sometimes such a tropical solution comes from an odd place like Denmark. Name dropping Barcelona, The South Pacific, Argentina, and itself, “Easter Island” does a damn good job of transporting me straight to the beach and placing a beautiful cocktail umbrella in my blended drink. Grab the rest of The Eclectic Moniker’s sun-kissed EP A Part Of Something Bigger for free at their Bandcamp. And remember to use sunscreen on the tops of your feet.

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