The Gloomies – “PALMS” // Art: Victo Ngai

The Gloomies return with a new twist to their special brand of indie rock. The rhythm of their most recent release, PALMS is definitely one of the first things that stand out when listening to this track. The hypnotic rhythm patters lock in perfectly with the vocals, and the inventive production makes “PALMS” sound almost like a tantalizing combination between the experimental edge of Spoon and the infectious electro-pop of artists like Glass Animals.

Keep your infection going with “Groves” from VINYL MOON Volume 009: Shifting States.

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The Gloomies – “Groves”

In the immortal words of The Gloomies themselves, “I could waste away with” this debut 7″ of theirs. Previous jam “LSD” and new track “Groves” are the perfect 1-2 punch of an opening statement for a band with many future hours of my life waiting to be released. We’ve admitted Summer is over, so time to start immediately wallowing in our sorrow over its loss. Will we ever be happy again? Will we make it through with our fingers and toes intact? Will we ever stop playing this jam on repeat? I’m feeling rather doubtful about a lot of it…  Read more

The Gloomies – “LSD”

The Gloomies and I agree on one thing, life is short. So lets fill our weekends with everything we love. Burgers? Sex? Rock n Roll? Yes please. Oh and don’t forget “driving around” another classic we can all get behind. Especially with “LSD” cranked up loud on the stereo.  Read more