Remix Roundup Vol. 67 – 6.26.2012 [Matt & Kim, Feist, St. Lucia, J.Cole, and more…]

And just like that.  I’m back with more remix madness for your Burning Ears. Remix Roundups are a collection of the freshest remixes on the planet.  You can search high and low in this world or another, but you won’t find a remix series this dope in this galaxy or the next –  For we are from only space.

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Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)  / First we had the glorious Pecking Duk remix and now this and its not even Christmas.  The M Machine, hailing from the Bay Area have created a straight up slappin mix here.

La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Data Remix)  / Not a new tune by any means, but what a chune it is… How this song somehow slipped through the Lights & Music cracks blows my mind.  Without further ado, enjoy.

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[MP3/LIVE] The Good Natured – “Video Voyeur” (+ recent LA shows)

just give me what i want, don’t leave me hanging til the morning light

♫ The Good Natured – Video Voyeur

Try to contain your jealous rage when you hear that I got to catch The Good Natured live this week… and last week. Yeah, pretty radical. And the fact that they absolutely smashed both shows doesn’t hurt either. New stand-alone single “Video Voyeur” opened their set both times, kicking things off tight and right. An audio freight heading for partyville. The trio rocked hard, with Sarah alternating between jaunts into the heart of the audience for “Be My Animal” and wailing on a big drum for “Skeleton.” Hot. What she didn’t alternate doing was having some of the finest legs to ever grace a stage. I guess “flaut ’em if you got ’em” goes for jams and gams. Nice.

Check out more photos of Monday’s School Night show (which also featured Evan Voytas and Har Mar Superstar) here.

The 10 Best EPs of 2011

The little bird in the artwork above may be a nod to the smaller nature of the EP but don’t think for a second that these mini-albums aren’t serious beasts. This is some Read more


what, can i do today? see me standing naked, hot for you when i’m taking it all off for you

♫ The Good Natured – Skeleton

I have been waiting for The Good Natured to give me a proper release ever since “Your Body Is A Machine” peaked my interest so long ago. Then “Wolves” got me really stoked and so now that their debut EP Skeleton is being released it is good-tunes-ville around TBE HQ. We already had enough tastes of the EP as song after song leaked out through the blogosphere so it’s really no surprise that the whole release is solid although these days early quality is no guarantee of jack. “Skeleton” is my favorite these days, with it’s fiercely sexual lyrics and highly infectious/danceable rhythm. If I were a girl who was falling in lust for the first time then this would be my anthem for sure. But because I am a guy I just watch the video and daydream…

While it’s nice to hear tracks like “Prisoner” and “The Hourglass” stand up next to their previously known counterparts, there is a reason they close out the EP. The true test of The Good Natured’s staying power will be a proper LP. Hopefully soon and hopefully they wont recycle any of these jams. But in the meantime, WIN Skeleton on vinyl! (or buy it) Read how after the jump.

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 18 + Video – 6.21.2011 [Adventure Club, Nero, The Killabits, Miike Snow and more…]


Whoa!  The Dubstep Roundup is back with vengeance.

Keep It Nurdy.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ J Majik- Solarize (RUN DMT & Bird Peterson Remix)

♫ Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

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[MIX] SPRING, MY BELLE! /// A TBE Mix For Exploding Into Springtime

After months of gazing out the window and cursing the wintery grey sky we have finally been blessed with the warmth that thaws the bones in a most electric way. This is a mix for celebrating that moment that you open your front door and are slammed with the blinding sunshine that sparks your insides and makes you want to skip all the way to wherever you are going. I’ve kept in lean and mean at under an hour so add your own tracks as needed. Enjoy with reckless abandon. Read more

[MP3] THE GOOD NATURED’s new single comes at you like a pack of party WOLVES

i hear the howling and it’s time to let go, the moon is rising and i’ll never be alone

♫ The Good Natured – Wolves

Get ready to jump up and down and dance around the room cause that’s exactly the kind of jam we have here! Right out of the gate “Wolves” takes the reigns and get’s it’s party on. With a bit of Ladyhawke in her blood, The Good Natured is 20 year old Londoner Sarah McIntosh who has already had some TBE fame with the highly acclaimed Baby Monster remix of last year’s single “Your Body Is A Machine.” It’s nice to hear more from this young upstart and even nicer to hear that her jams are getting even better. “Wolves” is a massive track that gets my blood pumping every time. Her Be My Animal EP is out now and I tink I’m on my way to pick it up. If it has a few more treats of this caliber then I think we’ve got ourselves a list topping EP!

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