[REMIX] The Killers – “Runaways” (Sound Remedy Remix)

but i got the tendency to slip when the nights get wild, it’s in my blood

♫ The Killers – Runaways (Sound Remedy Remix)

This new Killers single and subsequent album landed with such a silent thud that I barely knew it happened and certainly haven’t heard Battleborn. Thanks to Sound Remedy and this funked up dance remix The Killers can still be a part of my life! Cheers! Now where is my copy of Hot Fuss…?

Remix Party Playlist Vol. 62 – 3.30.2012 [Housse De Racket, Foo Fighters, Martin Solveig, The Shoes, and more…]

Its Friday and this is how we do it.  Don’t know about you, but I just got my coffee game on and Im feeling that caffeine high right about now.  Powered right through that 2:30 wall like it was blue cotton-candy.  And I love that shite.  Just marf’n on it.  Anyway, enough of this noise.  Lets be honest, you’re here for the chuneage.

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♫ Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) (Futurecop! Remix) / Futurecop! are back to making my body move in diabolical fashion…  So uncontrollable.

♫ Housse De Racket – Chateau (Gemini Club Remix) / We at TBE have always been fans of Gemini Club, but they have been on a glitchy roll lately.  Maybe it has something to do with playing our SXSW showcase… Read more

[Exclusive] The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Cry Wolf Remix)

♫ The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Cry Wolf Remix)

The massive up-and-coming duo Cry Wolf have been hard at work on their remix project for the last several months.  We got our first taste of what was to come last month when we priemeired their remix of Mr. Little Jeans track “The Suburbs“.  As it turned out,.. it was one of the best dubstep remixes of the year and held the #1 spot on the Hype Machine for several days straight.  They followed that with a solid remix production of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back“.  Today, we have been blessed with another gem that’s desperately bleeding for your ears.  Frankly it speaks for itself, Cry Wolf is here to stay.

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Joel & Scott’s Top 50 Remixes of 2010

Welcome back party peeps.  We, Joel & Scott are proud to bring you our Top 50 Remixes of 2010.

Totally wish we could think of some rad shite to introduce this wicked cool Top 50 list with, but we’re both having some serious writers block here.  Typically in this situation we would just drink or get some sort of major caffeine stimulation (often both).  Not gonna lie, we enjoyed the hell out of our super strong energy/alcoholic beverages, but thanks to Central Washington University students the shite is outlawed.  Please, we’d love to hear your side of the story.   Anyway,… by now if you are a TBE follower you know that we are two dudes (Joel & Scott) originally from Seattle that just love to get Nurdy’ and melt our faces on that dirty d-floor.   And yeah, remixes to us are what platinum haired Bunnies are to Hugh Hefner.

Lastly, you might think its a little late for a “Best of List”, but that was a deliberate move on our part.  We at TBE don’t believe in a  “Best of List” before the New Year and we really wanted to take our time.  2010 was an incredible year for DJs and remix artists around the world.  Our top two remixes this year may very well be two of our top remixes of all time.  Its amazing to see the support DJs are now getting around the globe.  Don’t forget that they’re the ones that keep us dancing.

Keep dancing all, and if any of the following songs change your life YOU’RE WELCOME.  (Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Dubstep Remixes of 2010)

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1. ♫ Marina and The Diamonds- I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)

2. ♫ The Good Natured- Your Body Is A Machine (Baby Monster remix)

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[MP3] WILD PARTY know that LIFE’S TOO SHORT not to mix business (muffins) and pleasure (pleasure)

if i could only find your purpose i could take control

♫ Wild Party – Life’s Too Short

Speaking of The Killers… Wild Party are coming at us straight from Texas and lead singer Lincoln Kreifels sounds to me like a younger, less uptight Brandon Flowers fronting a band who never bothered to read the synth manual and instead opted for rocking socks in a more booze soaked and traditional way. You want another bonus? Well, the fact that they are currently clocking: 1) 19 MySpace friends, 2) 278 listens on this jam, and 3) I had to break out photoshop to create a proper version of their album art (you know I love my album art!) makes them about as fresh at a hot baked chocolate muffin that burns the top of your mouth and makes you squeal awkward noises that could easily be mistaken for bedroom vocals. Confused? What I am trying to say is that these guys are easily as good as chocolate muffins or sex. Or even both combined! But try that shit at your own risk.

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[LP] BRANDON FLOWERS’ new album isn’t ONLY for THE YOUNG die-hard fans

tonight, baby, you can start again, laughing in the open air, have yourself another dream

♫ Brandon Flowers – Only The Young

So Brandon Flowers’ solo album came out 2 months ago already but I guess I didn’t really rush to listen to it. Disappointing first single “Crossfire” combined with scathing reviews, left me wary of the whole endeavor. Then one day I caught the video for “Only The Young” (below) and had to stop for a moment. First to take in the hyper-dramatic beauty of the clip and second to wonder if I wasn’t somehow missing out on Flamingo. When I finally sat down to soak in the album, “Only The Young” song struck me again. Without any visuals to distract from the experience I was left alone with the music. That soft drum beat, Flower’s yearning voice, and those delicate electronic bleeps that make the song so magical. Now I can’t stop listening to this jam. While I was lamenting those 2 months without this tender nugget in my life I rode through the rest of the album. To my pleasant surprise I enjoyed it. It’s certainly not a Killers album (any of them) but it’s got Flowers’ melodrama, earnest vocals and tight production which make for a bit of aural sunshine on these chilly days. “Crossfire” is still a big dud but “Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts” and “Was It Something I Said?” both kick up the energy for some dancing-in-the-mirror fun. Other tracks range from good to inoffensive. I know a lot of people expect more from Flowers, and fair enough, but in this case lowered expectations provided me with a fun new album and a fantastic new close-my-eyes-and-float-away song.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 27 – 10.1.2010 / Joel and Scott present [Robyn, Memory Tapes, The Killers, and more!]

It’s Friday and you all know what that means….  We, Joel and Scott are back to fill your eardrums with some epic jams.  As you know our cold lockers are packed to the gills with devastatingly heavy dubstep sounds.  More than the same can easily be said about our non-dubstep chunes.  In fact, we are getting harassed for disturbing the peace and toxic contamination of our surrounding environment by our local environmental officials.  Oooops.

Shout out to all the support we been receiving from Copenhagen to New York and around the world.  We love hearing from you guys.

Nyd Det, Disfrute, Enjoy

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♫ Coeur de Pirate – Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) / We always heard growing up that boys care more about beats and melodies, and girls pay more attention to lyrics and such.  The truth is that we don’t understand a damn word this girl is singing, but we couldn’t care less because this is nothing short of magic.  So, for now the theory stands.

♫ Robyn- Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junkies Club Mix) / Hailing from the UK buzz Junkies remind us here why we started listening to electronic music.  From the house beat to the flashes of old school techno, this song is right up our alley.  This friends is a proper dance tune.  (BTW its Friday so enjoy)

♫ Big Boi- Shutterbug (Jack Beats Remix) / We stumbled upon this the other day and flipped shit.  Jack Beats have tackled a giant of a tune.  Big Boi’s Shutterbug is one of the nastiest we’ve heard from the rap game in a long time.  So we thank you, Jack Beats, for bringing it to our dance floor.

♫ Memory Tapes- Bicycle (Little Loud Remix) / Ahhh yes.  Like a brisk jog on a fall morning this song just hits the spot and starts your day right.

♫ The Girls Can Hear Us- Drugs, Dancin’ (The Dirty Tees & SposhRock Remix) / Don’t be surprised to hear this remix in the clubs as The Dirty Tees & SposhRock do their damage and turn this track into electro club heat.  And lets be frank, everyone loves a song about the Rock-Star lifestyle of sex, drugs, and Rock N’ Roll (in this case, dancing).

♫ The Killers- Smile Like You Mean it [TGIK Broken Heart Mix] / I sat here and thought of a very deep and meaningful description for this song, and then realized that a simple “WOW” would suffice.  This song has always been special, but it has taken on a new life here.  Boys and girls this is perfection.

♫ Deluka- Cascade (Kids At The Bar Remix) / OK Cities gnarly’st producer/DJ combo, Kids At The Bar, are constantly on the grind and never fail to deliver. Here we have another rug cutting remix of Deluka’s Cascade.  Look for KATB’s debut EP to drop sometime in October on KillPop Records, a must have.

♫ Rosanna- Waterfall (Fear Of Tigers Remix) / Inside this remix Glitter Pixies are flying over head and showering everyone with gold dust. Oh, and we both thought of Kelly Kapowski when this one dropped. Fear of Tigers, you hurt so good!

♫ Sneaky Sound System- 16 (Flight Facilities Remix) / What is already a knockout song has been sent to the next level via first class. Flight Facilities, playing well with Miss Connie Mitchell’s amazing vocals and providing 16 with a voluptuous new baseline leaves us with nothing but a smile when looking at, we mean listening to, this wholesome beauty. Enjoy!

♫ Kanye West- Power (DJ Kue Remix) / Here is an example of DJ Kue doing what he does best, banging the mainstream straight out and setting a tune on fire! Kanye West, amidst a super emo comeback, has a lot of new music dropping sure to be mixed, and so far we like what we hear.

♫ Supplicant- Lifeline (Kaskade Mix) / Supplicant, a brand new group based out of Hollywood, California, reminds us of a modern day Depeche Mode. So here we have new talent meeting legendary producer/DJ Kaskade. We don’t usually dip into this area but Kaskade’s touch is too much to ignore.

BONUS: Two mashup jams

♫ Lady Gaga vs Madonna- Alejang up (DJs From Mars Remix) / If you didn’t think it was possible  Djs from Mars prove here that there is room for music icons Lady Gaga and Madonna on the same track.  Are we fans…  lets just say we are haters of the Lady Gaga haters.  Another score for Djs from Mars.

♫ Kaskade vs. Swedish House Mafia- Fire In Your New Shoes vs. One / Kaskade vs. Superstar Dj trio Swedish House Mafia (Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sabastian Ingrosso) all on one track for your listening pleasure?  Yes please.  This mashup will provide you electrifying eargasms all night long.

Next Friday look forward to your bi-weekly slap in the face with Vol. 2 of our new “Dubstep Roundup” series.

ZIP FILE—>>>Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 27 10.1.10

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The 29 Best Remixes of 2009

I don’t know about you but 2009 was the year I fell in live with remixes. Starting TBE opened up my world to so many amazing reinterpretations of both great and not so great songs. Having always been more of a cover song guy this was new territory for me but I dove in headfirst and have been enjoying the ride so far. Good music is a personal thing and messing with great music is even more so. This is very much a subjective list and is based on nothing besides how much I love and respect the work done. Oh, and the numbering system is pretty much bullshit but I had to put them in some kind of order. Anyway, enjoy. I certainly have.

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