The Knocks – “Comfortable” feat. X Ambassadors

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Hot damn. The Knocks AND X Ambassadors!? This collaboration is hot just on paper! Two TBE faves teaming up to rock bodies and steam dance floors! Put your drink down gently on that coffee table model lady cause its about to get rowdy! Grab this one on Vinyl through Neon Gold on Feb 18th.

[MP3] Party Supplies – “Going Back To New York” (The Knocks Remix)

Party Supplies - Going Back To New York (The Knocks Remix)

The Knocks smash another one out of the park. Well, it is an ode to their hometown so no doubt inspiration was heavy. All I know is I gotta check out the rest of Party Supplies’ debut album!

The Knocks – “Modern Hearts” (Bee’s Knees Remix)

The Knocks - Modern Hearts (Bee's Knees Remix)

The Knocks & St Lucia’s “Modern Hearts” is fast becoming a modern classic and this tropical grind-pop remix from Los Angeles’ Bee’s Knees is another welcome addition to the developing legend. Grab their remix of The Rubens if you missed it for another example of their fast developing skills.

The 1975 – “Girls” (The Knocks remix)

The 1975 have already released one of my favorite albums of the year so anything else is just icing on the cake. First it was the tongue in cheek video for “Girls” (below) and now this funked up remix by TBE faves The Knocks. Nice to see the boys from Manchester having some fun with all this fame.

The Knocks – “Modern Hearts” ft. St. Lucia + Goldroom & Amtrac remixes

The Knocks - Modern Hearts ft. St. Luciasoon we’ll be in the open and the day will start

Another all-star cast assembled for a jam I should have brought you weeks ago! Everyone doing what they do best! The Knocks whipping up beats, St. Lucia crooning so smooth, and me being late as shit! Tag team! Enter Goldroom for the finishing move!

Update: Amtrac remix!

Remix Roundup Vol. 69 – Approx. Jan 2013

100-bolt-paddedDamn, these have been rocking my iTunes for months now but laziness/selfishness has kept them from being wrapped and gifted for your ears. No time to talk. Get down to the rock.

[REMIX/COVER/EP] The Knocks – MAGIC [w/ “Brightside” (The Sound Of Arrows remix) & “Midnight City” (M83 cover)]

through danger zones and fearless flights, trying to go with no end in sight

♫ The Knocks – Brightside (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

The Knocks have been kicking out singes and EPs for a stretch now, earning many a post on TBE. Their endless stellar remixes would be enough to make them golden DJ gods but their own super jams like “Blackout” and “Dancing With The DJ” have earned them the real dance-floor props. Plus they did a great EP of Motwon covers AND they produce the beloved Alex Winston. With that many things on my radar I don’t know how their latest EP Magic evaded detection back in December but luckily I caught them live a few weeks back. After being floored by their outstanding set I promptly bought Magic and relived the whole dance party at home. You can too! Stream 2 of the 5 tracks here. Also get on the above remix of EP standout “Brightside.” AND this cover of “Midnight City.” The jams never stop! ♫ The Knocks – Midnight City (M83 Cover)

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon

Remix Roundup Vol. 58 – 12.21.2011 [Dada Life, Fleetwood Mac, Yelle, Dada LIfe, and more…]

Holy hickory haystacks!  Major problems on the internet connection frontier today.  If you follow me on the twitter, you know that I was trying to have this up in the AM.  Where is M.I.A. and Flux Pavilion when you need them?

Anyway, we’ve got the holidays smacking us in our faces right now, which means the year is pretty much over,… Soo I just put together a steaming pile of bangers for your end of the year listening pleasure.  Open your ears and take these glorious gems to bed with you.

Attention: For those in the Seattle area- I’m throwing a huge party at The Tacoma Art Museum on New Years Eve.  You can find all the info you need HERE.  Warning:  Bass slaps in that face of yours will be frequent.  WORLD!!

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♫ Sparkadia – Mary (Aeons Remix) Mix For Mastering

♫ Gym Class Heroes (featuring Neon Hitch) – Ass Back Home (SmarterChild & Oxymorrons Remix) / Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that this tune is a collaberatoin of all pilot artists.  Don’t blink, SmarterChild is starting to look like a heavyweight.

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