SIGNALS phil my speakers with SPECTOR

my, how time flies

♫ Signals – Spector

One of last years’ best tracks was the ode to Christian Bale, “R U Professional,” by Los Angeles’ The Mae Shi and if you ever fell for it’s countless charms then you are in for a treat with Signals. Last year The Mae Shi suffered some internal rifts (read: drug abuse) which lead to three of it’s members splintering off to form Signals. They then proceeded to design the best band logo of the year as well as rip out this jam that proves these dudes don’t need celebrity meltdowns to rock socks. They may be a bit to dissonant for most but there is something about the shambolic beat and yelped vocals of “Spector” that gets me pumped. What can you really expect from a song named after this dude. Ayway, if you are on board so far, then head this way for a cover Signals did of Sparks’ “Angst In My Pants.”

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The 20.9 Best Songs of 2009… So Far / Jan.-June

Art by Odili Donald Odita

Art by Odili Donald Odita

How freaking crazy is it that 2009 is already halfway over? What a crazy year so far, in so many ways, the least of which is all of the fantastic, surprising, and sometimes disappointing music that has come our way. TBE will be 5 months old in a week and we have been chronicling most of the year’s jams. Here are my top 20.9. I guarantee you wont agree with all of them but doesn’t that just make our friendship that much more deep and meaningful? Just so we are clear how I arrived at this particular order, I’ve selected my favorites from my top listens each month and then ordered them purely by total play count. I know that’s confusing but whatever, the list is after the jump.

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*Just Burn It!* The High Speed Chase Mix! (Plus narrative!)


I know, I know, tough economic times, devastating financial collapse, 800000 billion dollar bailout, blah, blah, blah. Are you gonna keep whining like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee or are you gonna do something about your fiscal apocalypse? What should I do, you ask? Well dummy, do what normal people do when they are hard up for dough, rob a damn bank. Its a stick up, baby, and this is your getaway mix! Get a CDR and Just Burn It!

Narrative of your adventure, track-list, and download link after the jump.

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The Mae Shi asks R U Professional?


he is professional but i think he lost control

If you are up on your Internet game then you know about Christian Bale’s flip out on the set of Terminator 17 or whatever. If you are all up in the music blogosphere then you know about The Mae Shi‘s jammin tune they wrote, recorded, and had online 24 hours after the Bale audio broke.

The Mae Shi – R U Professional? (For Xtian)

With lickity-spilt turnaround like that and a catchy factor that is off the charts it’s safe to say these L.A. based spazz-rockers ARE professional. Take a listen to my favorite jam off their 2008 Lp HILLLYH.

The Mae Shi – Lamb And The Lion

BONUS: If you really have your YouTube game tight and you know what happened to David after the dentist then you will appreciate this. I know I did.