The Best Albums of 2010 (LPs, Eps, & Honorable Mentions)

Oh 2010, what a year you were. Not only were you The Burning Ear’s first full calendar year, but you bombarded us with so much amazing music. Great albums from old favorites, fresh faces, and even genres we didn’t even knew we liked. Thanks 2010. You were awesome and we won’t forget you. Cheers to Read more

Joel & Scott’s Top 50 Remixes of 2010

Welcome back party peeps.  We, Joel & Scott are proud to bring you our Top 50 Remixes of 2010.

Totally wish we could think of some rad shite to introduce this wicked cool Top 50 list with, but we’re both having some serious writers block here.  Typically in this situation we would just drink or get some sort of major caffeine stimulation (often both).  Not gonna lie, we enjoyed the hell out of our super strong energy/alcoholic beverages, but thanks to Central Washington University students the shite is outlawed.  Please, we’d love to hear your side of the story.   Anyway,… by now if you are a TBE follower you know that we are two dudes (Joel & Scott) originally from Seattle that just love to get Nurdy’ and melt our faces on that dirty d-floor.   And yeah, remixes to us are what platinum haired Bunnies are to Hugh Hefner.

Lastly, you might think its a little late for a “Best of List”, but that was a deliberate move on our part.  We at TBE don’t believe in a  “Best of List” before the New Year and we really wanted to take our time.  2010 was an incredible year for DJs and remix artists around the world.  Our top two remixes this year may very well be two of our top remixes of all time.  Its amazing to see the support DJs are now getting around the globe.  Don’t forget that they’re the ones that keep us dancing.

Keep dancing all, and if any of the following songs change your life YOU’RE WELCOME.  (Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Dubstep Remixes of 2010)

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1. ♫ Marina and The Diamonds- I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)

2. ♫ The Good Natured- Your Body Is A Machine (Baby Monster remix)

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Remix Roundup Vol. 24 – 7.21.10 [Sleigh Bells, Don Diablo, Sia, The Drums, Brahms, The National, Local Natives,…]

Did someone say remixes!?!? Oh, no, that was just the sound of my sweat hitting the laptop, which along with the clackity of the keyboard, sounded like morse code for “roundup.” Shit, I may be losing it in this heat…

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ Sleigh Bells – A/B Machines (French Horn Rebellion Remix) / I get a little bummed out every time I hear this but that is only cause French Horn Rebellion will be opening for Cut Copy this Saturday IN WARSAW but I will be on vacation. How’s that for shitty luck? Well, my trip is going to be pretty epic in it’s own right, a lot like this remix, so I can’t really complain. Now get dirty with this glitch-heavy take on the Sleigh Bells shredder!

♫ Focus – Hocus Pocus (Buffetlibre Remix) / Buffetlibre are back and Read more

The 25 Best Songs of 2010… So Far (Jan-June)

As I’ve been compiling this best songs list I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a great track. Last year I went by play counts to determine what songs I “loved” the most but this year I noticed that the list that came out didn’t really match my perception of my favorites. A lot of my top played songs this year are indeed great songs, but they also happen to be on a great album so they get played by themselves as well as in the course of the album. So I got to thinking about which are the tracks that I seek out, that I crave, that I have to hear every night before bed or every morning to wake up. Those are the songs that make up this list. Songs that for whatever reason hooked me to the point where I need(ed) them in my life this year. Those great albums (and their highlight jams) will get their moment but for now we celebrate the song, or as Read more

THE NATIONAL make me AFRAID OF the thought that EVERYONE might not love High Violet

with my kid on my shoulders, i try not to hurt anybody i like

♫ The National – Afraid of Everyone

Every album by The National contains one or two songs that just grip me in an indescribable way. I still remember falling in love with “Apartment Story” and that song hasn’t lost an ounce of magic. “Bloodbuzz Ohio,”(below) The National’s first single from High Violet, hit my iTunes less than 2 months ago and has already become my most listened song of the year. It’s brilliant, sweeping, deep, and I can’t tell whether it speaks to me or for me. Second leak, “Afraid Of Everyone” (above) was initially nothing special but it was living in quite a shadow. So yeah, expectations were high when finally letting the rest of High Violet wash over me. I’ve been soaking in the album for a while now and am struggling to come up with anything negative to say about it. It is different from Boxer. Less energetic. Less driving. The band has toned things down slightly and while the vocals and perfectly simple rhythms are still there, the whole thing is a slightly mellower affair. What’s so interesting is that in the context of all 11 tracks “Afraid Of Everyone” has taken on a whole new significance. Any second-favorite is going to be distant to “Bloodbuzz Ohio” but this just may be it. The way those ‘ooohs’ weave in between that one distorted guitar line while the drums plod along creates a beautifully haunting backdrop to the story of a father struggling to sort himself out while protecting his family. But don’t get too wrapped up in the stories here. Instead, let the music inspire your own adventures and tales. This isn’t dance music. This isn’t rock music. This is life music.

Previously: ♫ The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

I’d write more about individual tracks but neither of us have all day. Just get the album.

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THE NATIONAL advise that riding the BLOODBUZZ to OHIO may not actually be safer than Greyhound

i still owe money to the money to the money i owe, i never thought about love when i thought about home

♫ The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio (320 version here)

The National are a band that you are either in love with or have never heard of. Whatever your incoming trajectory, there is only one destination now: their fantastic new single, “Bloodbuzz Ohio” from the forthcoming LP, High Violet. The National are pretty much the kings impeccably-propelled smokey-voiced piano jams that are somehow both lighter and heavier than the term “rock” would suggest. If your’re not immediately sold on this brand of aural medicine than please have patience, I’ve thrown in my favorite tracks off their last two albums so you can better understand  their magic. I didn’t really get on board with The National until I got into “Apartment Story” and their sound suddenly seemed to make sense. I’d recommend listening to their songs in blocks. Their music sets a mood that is best enjoyed when you give yourself over to it and take in the whole album. Until High Violet drops on May 11th, you may just want to put these three on repeat.

♫ The National – Apartment Story / Boxer, 2007

♫ The National – Secret Meeting / Alligator, 2005

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