Remix Roundup Vol. 70 – Approx Feb 2013

100-bolt-paddedYup, another “better late than never” roundup coming at you straight from arctic February. But turn that frown upside down because it is Friday and you have the tunes to do the night justice. With warmer weather comes looser limbs. Move them.

[EP] The Neighbourhood – I’M SORRY… (w/ “Sweater Weather”)

and if i may just take your breath away, i don’t mind if there’s not much to say

♫ The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

  • Who: Not the guys in The Neighborhood.
  • What: Adult indie pop, like Gotye, Lana Del Rey, Princeton
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: EP I’m Sorry… is free now.
  • Why: The Neighbourhood spell their name Imperial style with a “u” which is worth noting because the band I saw play with Caught A Ghost last week are very much this The Neighborhood. (Their drummer may have been confused by a lot of the things I said.) I have now figured out the difference and am here to pass along my favorite jam off The (Imperial) Neighbourhood’s debut EP. “Sweater Weather” bubbles and grooves with an effortless rhythm and slight hip-hop flavor that dives right under your skin. The rest of the EP doesn’t feel as strong and I heard their set at The Hudson Block Party today wasn’t very good so I’m unsure they will live up to the hype. Although, I’m happy to jam out to “Sweater Weather” until we find out.