Someone – “Forget Forgive” // Sharon Draghi

For Someone’s most personal song to date, the singer-songwriter strips down to four elements in the entire song, giving plenty of space for the lyrics to delve into the darkness. The song explores that darkness without being bogged down by it, courtesy of Someone’s airy vocals and the ultimately positive message of the music. Go spelunking with Someone.

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Aidan & the Wild – “Up From The Ashes” // Song Kang

Having “Up From The Ashes” on repeat has already made today’s bit of work a breeze. Aidan & The Wild singe of building a house and someday when I get to do that myself I will revisit  and make all that hard won sweat go over a bit smoother.

Dive into the whole Iliad EP.

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HAEVN – “Finding Out More”

Even the most stoic among you can find a small crack in your stone heart to tuck in some sweet floating grooves. A little airy love goes a long way at the top of a heavy week. So spend some time with Haevn and get your head straight.  Read more