The Other Tribe – “The Fear”

Sounds Like… The Other Tribe spent their downtime breaking hearts and getting tender. This one goes out to all the ladies that felt like “We Should Be Dancing” was really a euphemism…

Location: Bristol. Bedrooms.

Future: More sex music I hope.

The Other Tribe – “Nobody Else”

The Other Tribe - Nobody Else

Bristol’s The Other Tribe drop another bouncy indie dance jam that further solidifies them as one of the bands I’m most excited for in 2014.

The Other Tribe – “My Girl”

The Other Tribe - My Girl (Full Vocal Mix)

Oh man. Bristol’s The Other Tribe just keep coming with the hits! Perfect for Summer. Less tears than the movie. Love it.

Also check out this older track of theirs I just saw. The very awesomely titled “Sing With Your Feet”.

Look out for the band at these festivals:

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The Other Tribe – “Your Kisses”

The Other Tribe - Your Kisses

you should know i’ll never let you down

The UK’s The Other Tribe dial things back from their highly accurate jam “We Should Be Dancing” and the result is excellent. This kind of sensual mellow-pop gets me pumped for summer.

The Other Tribe – “We Should Be Dancing”

The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing

you could at least try uncovering those ears

The Other Tribe sound like they are named as such due to their roots on a Lost-esque tropical island. I wouldn’t have guessed Bristol. However, I would guess that seeing them live is a straight party during which this song is hardly relevant because everyone is dancing pretty damn hard.