The Palms – “Breaking (In The Summer)”

If you are doing it right, Summer should be full of hot days, long nights, jangly pop songs, and a bit of lusty heart break. Perhaps you are living own tale of sexual discovery under the ocean breeze? Foggier memories reveal even foggier motivations as you navigate the treacherous waters of the rest of your life.  Read more

The Palms – “Revolution” + THE PALMS EP

If you want to talk about swagger then there is an argument to be made for its origins in punk music and leather jackets long before it emerged in hip hop culture. Since I’m not here to argue I’ll leave it to The Palms to combine both those vibes into beautifully infectious indie-swagger-hip-pop jams that I’ve had on repeat the last week or so. Their debut EP is out now so dive in below. Weaving together the better elements of The Neighbourhood with hints of Ratatat, “Revolution” is my favorite jam… at the moment.

They only have 99 likes on Facebook but that won’t last long. Read more