[VIDEO] The Pass – “Without Warning”

you’ve got it all figured out like a beggar on the street wearing diamonds

Remember these guys from Louisville, KY!? I guess I missed their debut LP and now this comes at us from their sophomore effort and I’m paying full attention. What a song, but the video is truly something. Don’t blink! Ha. Ok, sorry. I’ll shut up now… The Pass‘ new LP Melt is out Nov 6th.

[MP3] THE PASS are virtually unknown and it’s CRIMINAL

cause the way we got here is all the same, everyone’s innocent

♫ The Pass – Criminal

It’s been a while since we covered The Pass’ excellent “Crosswalk Stereo” from their Colors EP but now that their debut LP Burst is out it’s time to revisit these Kentuckians. “Criminal” is the third (or fourth?) single off of Burst and captures the band toning down their boogie-inspiring energy (see below) for something more subdued and heartfelt. However, the grooves are still there and there is definitely still an infectious beat to get under your skin. I haven’t heard the whole album yet (promo copy, guys?) but “Treatment of the Sun” is another single and comes with a great vintage footage dance video (below). With jams like these it’s hard to believe how under the radar these guys still are. Read more

THE PASS have me grooving through the CROSSWALK as I listen to my portable head-STEREO unit

she’s walkin’ like she hears it

♫ The Pass – Crosswalk Stereo

This is the kind of jam that warms my blood on these wintry days. It’s hard not to bust a move with at least one part of your body when that bass kicks in and those guitars do their noodling. Lately this track has been my secret weapon to getting out of bed in the morning. Just be careful not to “oooohh” along while brushing your teeth cause it can get messy. The Pass may be from Kentucky but luckily for us they rock a decidedly non tradition sound for their locale. Their Colors EP is out now and full length LP should be out soon!

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