Nickodemus has love for all the Sun Children


when you forward move you can reach the moon

Nickodemus – Sun Children ft. The Real Live Show

As I sit in my old bedroom looking out at the California sky I can’t help but feel like it’s the perfect time to drop a little “Sun Children” on you. Nickodemus is actually based out of Brooklyn (where I was this morning) but this song, with the awesome The Real Live Show on vocals, has already become my soundtrack for getting hyped about L.A. A staple of the NYC party scene for 15+ years Nickodemus released his debut LP in 2005 and June 16th sees the release of his follow up, Sun People. Packed with collaborations and fresh world beats the album isn’t all as banging as “Sun Children” but if you dig world music and/or fun then you will probably dig it. Or just stream the whole thing at his website. Can’t shake a stick at that. But you could shake something else…

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