The Royal Concept – “On Our Way”

The Royal Concept - On Our Way

and everybody clap your hands and shout

Sweden’s finest return with another jam so damn anthemic my only complaint is that if this things lands on radio it will get so overplayed that we’ll be forced to be annoyed by it like a fun. song. In the meantime, the song isn’t going to sing along with itself!

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[LIVE/MP3] The Royal Concept @ The Troubadour, August 19, 2012 (w/ “Naked & Dumb”)

♫ The Royal Concept – Naked & Dumb

The band recently known as The Concept get a lot of flack for sounding so much like Phoenix but until those Frenchies release something new I’m more than pleased with their Swedish colleagues in epic hook-rock crime. These guys are already big back home but only have a handful of songs out Stateside. It’s just a matter of time. Their set rocked through TBE faves “D-D-Dance” & “Gimme Twice,” delivering precision, enthusiasm, and a stage presence that betrays their pro experience in other bands. Frontman David Larson’s stage banter was seven funny, open, and enjoyable. Weird…

Get all up in new jam “Naked & Dumb”, bask in the bouncy strings, and then catch these guys live. If only to be able to someday say you saw them back when. Or just cause you want one of the most fun rock shows ever.

Current US tour shows: HERE