The Saxophones – “Singing Desperately”

The Saxophones – “Singing Desperately”

The Saxophones – “Time Is Like a River” // Art: Rana Begum

“Time Is Like A River” is a single from The Saxophones. This particular release is actually featured within the act’s full-length studio effort, Songs of The Saxophones. Whether or not you’re listening from a vinyl record, you’ll swear you can hear cheerful crackles and timeworn love in every note.

The sound of this track has a lot of warmth to it, and the vocals are sparse, yet very rich and emotionally fueled. The Saxophones definitely mastered the “Less Is More” ethics, and they surely know a thing or two about crafting gorgeous sonic landscapes that feel highly textural and blissfully balanced. This song drifts seamlessly between old and new, making for a very special listening experience that will captivate the listeners. If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Sparklehorse, Devics, Tom Waits, Nick Drake or Portishead, you might certainly enjoy this band and this song.

You can order the album Songs of The Saxophones HERE. If you still can’t get enough of The Saxophones, revisit “If You’re On The Water” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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The Saxophones – “Picture” // Taryn Knight

The Saxophones triumphantly return with “Picture”! Melancholy progression that would make the members of Low stand-up and golf clap, sincerely. Not quite slowcore, “Picture” is able to beautifully meander through your ear canals, spinning a visceral tale through deep, syrupy vocals and a piercing drum beat. This track leaves you wanting more, which is a good thing, because their forthcoming album “Songs of the Saxophones” out June 1st 2018. Pre-order here. Yay for more of The Saxophones!

Get even more of their beauty on Vinyl Moon: Breathing Shadows.

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The Saxophones – “Aloha” // Frances Haszard

“Aloha” has the patient, dreamlike quality of a David Lynch film. It also makes me yearn for a hammock – maybe it’s the way the main guitar line rocks back and forth like a pendulum, or the way the vocals float along like a soft breeze.

Give yourself a four-minute vacation with the Saxophone’s latest, and extend your stay with “If You’re On The Water” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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The Saxophones – “If You’re on the Water” // Ken Resen

The track was inspired by a summer week that saw suicide, the transition of a relationship, and Alexi and his Father’s near death experience in a boating accident. The album pays tribute to the currents of beauty, sorrow and regret that run through our lives.

The sparkle of the sun on the water has an inherent draw for most people. I can only imagine how that beckoning glimmer changes with the new context of a near death experience. Here, sit next to me and contemplate that as we drift off to The Saxophones and imagine our feet in the water and our butts safely planted on a dock somewhere.

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