[MP3] The Soundmen Ft. Avan Lava – “Bermuda”

Music for… relaxing Summertime Saturdays with your watch and phone deep in a backpack, the sand in your toes, and not a care in the world

Location: Seattle/NYC.

Future: Its The Soundmen, so more magic on the regular.

Remix Roundup 75 – [5.31.2014] – Grizfolk, RAC, Panama Wedding, Sylvan Esso, The Soundmen and MORE!

Hey guys. Its the weekend. Phew… We deserve these. Dive in.

Grizfolk – The Struggle (Dawn Golden Remix)

mmmm…. sunshine on a Saturday….

Digitalism – Wolves (ft. Youngblood Hawke) (RAC Mix)

mmmm… RAC on a Saturday…

Panama Wedding – “All Of The People” (Cheap Talk Cassette Mix)

Laid back and smoooooothed out.

Max Frost – White Lies (The Soundmen Remix)

Time to get all weird and sexy!

Sylvan Esso – Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix)

“Hey Mami” goes to the circus!

Zak Waters Vs. Breakbot – Over You (Baby, I’m Yours Redux)

Ohh yeah, now this is a sexy combo!

Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)

ooooh, love this combo

Youngblood Hawke – “Pressure” (The Soundmen Remix)

One of the few acts I’ve been a fan of longer than Youngblood Hawke is The Soundmen. These guys have been killing remixes since damn near the beginning of The Burning Ear over 5 years ago. The Soundmen remixed Youngblood Hawke last year to great success and luck yus, they have done it again. The darker edged “Pressure” gets a funked summery treatment but doesn’t lose its after-dark edge.

“We wanted to explore the duality of pressure as a force of destruction and creation. We thought balancing that idea with the feel good vibes of The Soundmen would create an interesting contrast that brings a new excitement to the track.” – Simon Katz of Youngblood Hawke


Remix Roundup Vol. 72 – THE RETURN! PART 2 (Some 2013 classics)

I know, I know. I promised that The Remix Roundups were back when I posted Vol 71 but then life happened and anyway, here is Vol 72 for your weekend enjoyment! I’ve posted a bunch of these before but its sure been a while and now that the weather is warmer just grab the whole playlist and kick out the jams!

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Youngblood Hawke – “Say Say” (The Soundmen Remix)

Youngblood Hawke - Say Say (The Soundmen Remix)

Youngblood Hawke have always had the energy and the hooks but now TBE faves The Soundmen have given a nice rub of that sunshine funk that makes this remix so damn lovable.

[MP3] French Horn Rebellion – “Caaalifornia (The Soundmen Remix)”

The Soundmen have been behind a lot of my favorite remixes of the past 4 years and this take on recent fave “Caaalifornia” shows exactly why. They aren’t afraid to take a track in a totally weird direction. This is the kind of script-flipping that made RAC great back in the day. Push the envelope. Take me somewhere new. I will follow.

[MP3/REMIX] OnCue – “Rich Kid” & “Feel Tall (The Soundmen remix)”

best believe that i’m dyin’ one

♫ OnCue – Rich Kid (prod. by Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

  • Who: A dude and his producers.
  • What: Rocking hip-hop, like Chiddy Bang, Wale, Outasight
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: His LP Can’t Wait is out and mad free.
  • Why: Building a quality bridge between rock and hip-hop is always a tricky affair. A lot of bros have tried and failed miserably the past few years. When you hear a dude dropping it right it is a pleasant reminder of how fun this kind of thoughtful party music can be. But no thinking tonight when OnCue rips up The Burning Ear stage to close out day 1 of our SXSW parties! He is on right after “Rich Kid” producer Brenton Duvall. Will they rock the stage together? I probably can’t say…

♫ OnCue – Feel Tall (The Soundmen Remix)

Bonus Soundmen remix to remind you that these guys are still the finest.

[REMIX] Drake – Crew Love (The Soundmen ReFix)

♫ Drake – Crew Love (The Soundmen ReFix)

It’s not just the Poland-checking lyrics of “Crew Love” that endear me to the song (Although that helps. Holler!) it’s a standout track from Take Careno matter which big-hearted Eastern European Post Soviet country Drake wanted to name drop. So even though The Soundmen cut the lyrics that hit home on my crew love for my Poles, the end result is still is hazy smooth mix of the jam that I can get behind.